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Eidos Napoli

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I've been seeing mention of Eidos Napoli popping up more and more over the last little while. As far as I can tell, it is affiliated with Isaia Napoli (maybe it's little brother) and uses their manufacturing infrastructure. Does anyone have any information regarding the launch date, where it will be available and what the price to quality ratio is like?
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IIRC one of the people working on (or marketing?) the line has posted on SF, including fit pics in the WAYWRN thread in the past. Can't remember the username, but if you run a search for Eidos Napoli within that thread, you should find him. PM him that you've made this thread, and he'd probably be happy to comment!

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SO glad everyone is hearing about EIDOS Napoli! Attached is further information on the brand, which was launched by ISAIA Corp as a standalone brand. Conceptualized by Creative Director, Antonio K. Ciongoli, (formerly at Michael Bastian and Ralph Lauren), EIDOS interprets the essence of Neapolitan tailoring in a new way for a younger audience.


With fully canvased suits starting at $1295, there really isn't anything else in the market place quite like this!  Among the first stores in New York City to carry EIDOS will be Carson Street Clothiers and Bloomingdales.  (However, it will also be carried in Bloomingdales San Francisco and hand selected top speciality stores around the world).


I have attached further information on the brand, but feel free to contact me at




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Good afternoon gentlemen,

The guy Holdfast was referring to is me. The best way to start in explaining the Eidos story is with who, what and why. That said, my name is Antonio Ciongoli and I'm the creative director of Eidos Napoli. Before embarking on this project, I was the number two in design at M ichael Bastian and before that, a designer at Ralph Lauren. Close to two years ago now, I began a conversation with the good people at Isaia about the idea of raising the bar for what the entry point in luxury retail looked like. I asked them to bring me on to launch a free standing, secondary lifestyle brand aimed at introducing high quality tailored clothing (and all the good stuff that goes with it) to a slightly younger customer. The plan was to utilize one of the two factories that they own (which had previously mostly done private label) to create fully canvassed garments, entirely made in Italy of fabric from the best mills in the world, and make them available at a pricepoint that would redefine value in the wholesale market. After some back and forth and an insane amount of work, I'm proud to say that we will launch the clothing and tailored outerwear component of Eidos Napoli this coming September at the following locations:

Carson St. Clothiers in NYC/online
CHCM in NYC/online
Bloomingdales in NYC & San Francisco
Lawrence Covell in Denver, CO
Boyd's in Philadelphia
J3 in Moreland Hills, OH
The newly relaunched Pockets in Dallas, TX
Sid Jerome in Chicago, IL
Got Style in Ontario, Canada

Pricing starts at $895 for jackets and $1295 for suiting with a full canvas construction and $695 for washed tailoring. Come S/S 2014, Eidos will be making its way towards a full lifestyle collection with the addition of outerwear, sport pants, denim, cut & sew knits, sport and dress shirts, neckwear and handkerchiefs. The entire collection is made in Italy and will remain so for as long as I'm attached to it. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Congrats - cannot wait to see the Line.
I essentially really like a high percentage of the ISAIA Suiting and Jackets, however simply could not afford full retail (going out on a limb here, thoughI assume like a large number of SFers).
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Originally Posted by earthdragon View Post

Congrats - cannot wait to see the Line.

Thanks! Here is a good preview that we did with GQ at Pitti for the spring collection. You can also see a good chunk of spring with the Eidos Napoli tag on Tumblr.
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How is the sizing for your goods going to be handled? Specifically, I'm a rather small asian male (34 R); should I be looking forward to the opening of this new line of clothing?

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Originally Posted by NickPollica View Post

Thanks! Here is a good preview that we did with GQ at Pitti for the spring collection. You can also see a good chunk of spring with the Eidos Napoli tag on Tumblr.

Good looking stuff. Excited..
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Originally Posted by NickPollica View Post

The guy Holdfast was referring to is me.


Glad you found the thread! Forgive my not clearly remembering your username & role within Eidos Napoli.

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Is there going to be a brick & mortar store somewhere? Maybe Naples?

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Unfortunately no brick and mortar in the immediate future but it is an ongoing discussion. If and when we do open a store it will be in NYC first, not Naples as the U.S. is the primary target market.

Regarding sizing, I am at the mercy of the retail stores who buy it and sell it. That said, I know we have sold some 36R to carson st. We offer MTM as well so that is something to consider.
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Has pricing been discussed for your polos and shirting? Congratulations on putting together such an outstanding collection, the new SS palate is right up there with Loro Piana for me.
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Originally Posted by Displacement View Post

Has pricing been discussed for your polos and shirting?

L/S polos are $175 and shirts range from $175 - $350 depending on model and fabric with the high end being solbiati linens.

From a quality level, our knits and wovens stack up against made in Italy product that costs 3 times as much.
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Very cool.

I reckon that Eidos is to Isaia as Sartorio is to Kiton? (At a better price point)

Just a suggestion, but you're going to have your work cut out for you beating this company in the Google search results. Although defunct, they have a 10+ year start

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So what's the value proposition, a lower price point?
From the website, the collection looks like practically
every other "Neapolitan" RTW vendor this year. I have
several Isaia suits/ sportcoats, but jumped ship a couple
of years ago when the cut changed from the Sirio/Stuart
models. I love the quality but don't like the models and fabrics
available the San Francsco Bay Area.
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