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eBay Finds


StyleForum members are frequent, and, counting SpooPoker, legendary eBay sellers. This thread is a catalogue of all the current SF poster auctions, and a great way to narrow down the behemoth that is eBay in search of great deals. Giving your fellow posters some business is a good plus too. 


Ugly Polos


Do you have an ugly polo shirt? Perhaps something bought by an aunt or uncle for Christmas? If so, post a picture, and win a new, better, decent fitting polo shirt – it’s all in good fun, with a nice end reward. 


Visiting Tricker’s


Poster unbelragazzo visited recently, and was kind enough to take  the time to visit a number of excellent shoe makers, including Tricker’s. Take a peak at his journey, and marvel at what a hundred plus year old factory can churn out. 


B&S Finds


Kiton Guanaco Men’s Coat, 50



Common Projects Suede Chukkas, 41