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Our company was founded in the twilight of the 19th century, specifically in 1891, when Pietro Martegani and his wife Ida decided to set up a shoe factory. The historical context in which the company began operating included the founding of the first Labour Board in Milan; an economic and financial slump that led the ministry of finance to propose higher taxes; the government's resignation and a new premier who imposed a policy of austerity; demonstrations, protests and clashes between workers and police, which resulted from unemployment and an increase in the cost of living; migration from the country to the cities, which stripped the former of its population and caused undisciplined settlement of the latter; and Pope Leo XIII who "offered" Catholics the hope of intervention in economic and social matters, with his encyclical entitled, "Rerum Novarum". As you can see, it was not a rosy time at all. Yet Martegani's entrepreneurial spirit could not be discouraged and the staff of theLegnano factory already numbered fifty employees by 1911. Just before World War I, Martegani moved his business to Tradate. After the conflict, the company began a period of expansion both in Italy and abroad (in Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia and Syria). In the 1920s, Ettore Martegani, Pietro's son, took the helm of the company, whose staff reached 150 in 1926. Working with his sisters and his father Ettore, Romano Martegani founded a new company in 1957 called "Calzaturificio di Tradate di R. Martegani & C. S.a.s.". In 1959, its name was changed to "Romart Calzaturificio Martegani di R. Martegani & C.", which was replaced with "Calzaturificio Martegani di R. Martegani & C." when stock capital was increased in 1973. In 1985, now with 66 employees and a subsidiary in the United States, the company converted into a limited liability partnership and the "Romano Martegani" brand name became a standard of reference for Italian shoes in the USA. These years have seen showrooms open in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as the company's hundredth anniversary. After a period when daughters Antonia and Marialuisa helped manage the company, Romano Martegani conducted it up to the present. But in doing so, he has not changed its image or the target group of its products. The common denominator between 1891 and the present is an economic slowdown, which has afflicted us for some time. A remedy that virtually all manufacturing companies are adopting (especially in the fashion sector) is the use of foreign labour. This significantly lowers costs, but also reduces product quality and is causing us to lose our manufacturing know-how. To prevent this, "Romano Martegani", at the dawn of the new millennium, is looking for new partners, but not on the financial end; rather, we are seeking new associates on the manufacturing side. Manpower is the primary "component" of our products, and quality labour is the "material" that is hardest to come across. Applying over one hundred years of experience in the shoe manufacturing sector, the new company structure of "Romano Martegani" is enabling it to create in Italy so it can excite the world.
R.Martegani is basically an old brand, who, under a new, younger Director, is returning to it's roots as a quality Italian manufacturer with an emphasis on classical shoes while offering many other options.
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How are rapid stitch shoes when it comes time to rapair the soles or heel? Can they be repaired without too much trouble? Also, can these shoes generally be worn with fuller cut clothes? Thanks, Jay
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jmat - Welcome. Yes, the shoes are easy to resole and heel. I usually ask that my customers send/bring our shoes back to me for repair work.
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Rider, Awesome shoes.  How do they run in terms of width?  Will you do more of the elongated, square toe shoe in a blucther or only in a bal?  When will you take orders on the pointy bal? Once, many years ago (20?), I saw a pair of martegani shoes in the local (Boston) Neimans--they were a summer dress shoe with lots of perforations.  They had some kind of metal netting, like from a screendoor, as a lining across the inside of the  apron so that they could be very light, but they held their shape.  Sounds wierd, but they were very elegant.  I was too poor to own them then, but remembered the name. Glad to see them again.
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Awesome shoes. How do they run in terms of width? Will you do more of the elongated, square toe shoe in a blucther or only in a bal? When will you take orders on the pointy bal?
rjsphd - thank you, the fit depends on the last of course, but the chisel toed shoes are all on last 3B, which fits a little large so I have been trading down half a size. BTW, we can make-up narrows or wides in these shoes. I am working on the custom program now (getting started), but customization is available and turn around time should generally be quick. The traditional patterns fit generally on scale. It's worthwhile to tell me the shape of foot, previous fit problems to help determine what is best. The balance of the shoes SHOULD be here by the end of the month. Feel free to send me a note (email program at the shop overloaded yesterday, isn't available to me until Sat. at the earliest when he does something to the server, I donknow, but send to or call the shop on the 800 number and ask for Ron. I have numerous names on specific sizes at this point, so I am reserving shoes currently. It's been a bit overwhelming, really. Thank you all very much for such positive feedback and considering something that might not be familiar to you as far as brand or pattern goes. I had just about given up on doing anything interesting until I found these sites (thanks Steve&#33 and said that, yes, there are still people out there who want something with a twist, so keep trying. Particularly at a fair price - I really don't want to get into the 600$+ business. I was just about ready to stop going to Italy and doing an A/E concept shop, but this is so much more interesting. Also, if the gentleman from Colorado who called last week and wears a 13B Gravati, please call back, as I did not get your number, I have the information for you for making up narrows with R.M. Thanks...
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For those who have called/emailed about delivery of the posted shoes not on the site, they flew today and should be at the shop in the next week or two.
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UPDATE: For those who have requested the Uthroat Cap in TM (Dk. Brw.) Rustik calf, they are expected in the shop in 3 weeks. Which, of course, means around 6 weeks in Italian time. Also will have replacement sizes in the floating Medallion in the same shipment. Also, please keep an eye on the Buying/Selling area as I will be posting information on the $50.00 off coupon for Forum members that I mentioned before. Thanks again, everyone...
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UPDATE: For those who have requested the Uthroat Cap in TM (Dk. Brw.) Rustik calf, they are expected in the shop in 3 weeks.
From the pictures I've seen, all of the browns look like cognac rather than a darker shade of brown.  Do you have pictures of the darker brown shoe? dan
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Do you have pictures of the darker brown shoe?
see page three on this thread - Jcusey question on two patterns. The uthroat cap is the dark brown I am bringing in.
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Finally received most of the Uthroat cap in Dark Brown.  We actually did this shoe in a new leather called Iron.  Basically a tight grained calf with alot of body that has been hit by, well... irons, which gives each pair a unique appearance.  Obviously, dark brown will not show as much as a mid brown, but I am very happy with how nice these look.  Of course, I am biased   .  I only received about half of what I ordered, and they will not be on the site for a day or two; but I have had so many requests for this shoe, I thought I would update the situation for those that are interested.  The following sizes are in stock: 8.5/9/9.5x2/10x2/10.5x2/11x2/11.5/12 As I did not have this combination in stock when I ran the $50 Off coupon, I am happy to take the discount on this shoe for all Forum members.  And for those who are waiting on special order sizes on this shoe, I will email privately more details, but all should be in in another 10 days - 2 weeks. Since it will be a couple of days until this shows up in the website, please PM me any questions - or call the shop: 888-254-0950 and ask to be transfered to Ron, or leave a number and I'll call back. Right, sorry - this line retails for $325. The discount to Forum members brings the price to $275.
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*bump* just discovered these shoes today and was wondering if any of you could enlighten me as to how the lasts for their shoes fit? I'm interested in the Pisa wingtip oxford that uses the 3B last. but, i'm also open to the other models. is the 3B last true to size or should I go a half size down?
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talk about resurrecting an old thread ... I've found 3B true to size. Great shoes, by the way. The longer I own them, the more I appreciate them
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Fits large by half a size. See post 35 from the man himself.
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...oooollldddd thread.....Just wore these all day today, fit a little large, maybe .25-.5, mostly in length. Awesome shoes.

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By far my favourite pair of shoes. I thought the Sorrentos were sold out.

Interestingly while I found these to be somewhat true to size, my chelseas on the the same last (3B) felt larger.
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