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Poll Results: Which Eames Lounge Reproduction do you think is the best?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% of voters (4)
    MCM Classics
  • 65% of voters (56)
    Rove Concepts
  • 27% of voters (24)
    Manhattan Home Design
  • 11% of voters (10)
    Barcelona Designs
86 Total Votes  
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As of April 2016 Rove is not currently producing the Eames replica. I received an email from one of the representatives replying to my enquiry. Apparently they are having issues with the quality control for some parts from their suppliers, and have therefore ceased production until they can be satisfactorily resolved

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Must be lawsuits!!
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Pour ma part j'ai acheté un fauteuil lounge chez Chaise Privée.

Le fauteuil est arrivé en super état en à peine 10 jours. La couleur palissandre est au top et les coussins sont vraiment très confortables.


Je vous les conseilles vraiment ! Allez hop je vous partage leur lien : 

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no way I'm dropping 4500 on a chair I'll hardly sit in at this point. I found this page while doing my research for eames lounge chair replica. it has some useful information

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There is nothing like the best Eames lounge chair replica. It all depends on your preferences. Some people comment that their $800 ELC replica is amazing, or that their $6000 HM authentic is the best. The main thing is to pick what suits your budget and be happy with your purchase. I'm happy with what I chose. I can only share my experience. I got Eames replica from barcelona designs.My inspection revealed two tiny nicks in the edge grain of the molded wood on one of the chairs, hardly noticeable without a magnifying glass. Otherwise, there were no flaws. flex mounts to attach the back to the cushion, and it felt very authentic. Even when I'm not sitting in it, I find myself looking at it and smiling. Its just a gorgeous piece of art. Form and function.

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