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Poll Results: Which of these boots would you be interested in purchasing in Styleforummarket's Viberg MTO program

Poll expired: Aug 25, 2013 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 28% of voters (22)
    A) Standard Issue Black leather Service Boot
  • 35% of voters (28)
    B) Iced Mocha CXL Service boot[
  • 25% of voters (20)
    C) Black Calf "Excavated" Service Boot
  • 24% of voters (19)
    D) Tan Roughout Service Boot
  • 15% of voters (12)
    E) Two toned Whiskey Scotch Grain and Brown CXL Service boot
78 Total Votes  
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He mentioned it would show up on the site sometime next week.
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Depending on how many we can get, I don't mind switching from standard black service to french calf if that's what it takes to get the order going.

Both are great boots.

edit: But I'd prefer the french calf not be 'excavated', I enjoy the process of breaking boots in myself. This is akin to preferring raw denim to pre-distressed for me.
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For the next round, would there be any interest in a French calf service boot in a variation of medium brown or even burgundy? Could be killer with contrasting suede counters.

Ordering the cinnamon service boot in size 10 for this go around, which is my trubalance/Barrie size. Hope that works - please dissuade me if I am wrong.
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Sounds about right CHRK33, and I for one would be very interested in a burgundy French calf boot.
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Thanks, Arizor.

And burgundy French calf sounds sick!!
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I would like to order the chromexcel boots. I just can't decide about the size. My current plan is to go with my true UK = 8.5. My true US is 9.5 and my Barrie is 9D. Tru-balance is too wide for me.

This last appears to be quite long from the ball of the foot to the end of the toe. So my only real concern is whether the 8.5 will be too narrow or too tight across the top of the foot. I am counting on getting a little stretch from this leather. I'll probably send in a tracing, although it sounds as if even that can be misleading.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

The additional incentives kick in once we get the minimum for each boot. After that, for each additional 4 boots ordered (any type), one person in the entire group gets them for the deposit + shipping. The person will be chosen at random. So, say we hit 16 pairs ordered, total, than you have a 1 in 16 chance of getting a pair at just over 1/2 price. So, the incentives kick in at 16 pairs ordered, 20 pairs ordered, 24 pairs ordered, etc... and obviously, the more pairs ordered, the better your chances get (well, there is actually an inflection point, but it would be crazy if we hit that). Since we can't legally hold an actual lottery, anyone wanting to take part in this will have to answer a skill testing question. I'm not sure if this incentive would fall under a lottery, but I'm not going to take my chances. Also, it will be fun. We'll send out the message from the store when that happens. Essentially, you'll have to post something random on this thread. I'm open to suggestions.

Yeah, now you have incentive to pressure your friends. You essentially have a week to get this done.

Of course, the irony would be if your friend drew the lucky proverbial straw.

Wow! That is incredible! Getting these boots at that price would be insane.

I know you previously mentioned there would be an incentive to all first four members to order a particular makeup as they ensure it gets made. Can you divulge what that incentive is? Or is it a chance of this incentive?
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great incentive! will be placing my order for the mocha boot later today

that said; I'm thinking about a service boot on the 2040 last for next time preferably in a dark brown leather (something like the smooth brown oil tan); something to kick ass and chew bubblegum
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just had 5min. and thought about some make ups...check the viberg boots thread! :)

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just had 5min. and thought about some make ups...check the viberg boots thread! :)

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just ordered the iced mocha boots; how many people ordered this model already?
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Enough for it to go ahead Slab, whilst I think us Black Service Boot advocates still need a few more…
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I'm still trying to narrow my choice between ice mocha and black service boots.
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If it sways your choice, you can still be one of the first 4 to order black service boots, which qualifies you for the 'big incentive' Fok mentioned.

The first 4 spots have been filled for the ice mocha.
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How are we looking for the cinnamon rough outs? We all set with 4?

Is there a way to check?
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