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Our Legacy


What do you get when you cross Nordic sensibilities and circa 1980s American prep wear? Apparently, you get a surprisingly stylish and cool brand, Our Legacy, which is continually pushing the boundaries of how good terry cloth sweatshirts and madras button downs can look.


Anything Under the Sun


Yea, as much as StyleForum is a place to learn about clothes, it’s also a community, and the epicenter of that community in the Streerwear & Denim forum is the Random Fashion Thoughts thread. From gentle musings to deep philosophy, it’s what’s up.


J. Crew and Seasonality


J. Crew still has some fans on StyleForum (perhaps due to their continued commitment to offering Aldens at occasional discounts, hurray!), and this thread is all about their current Summer/Spring lineup. It’s actually better than you think.


B&S Finds


Venazi Peccary Gloves, 9.5



Our Legacy Chinos, 46/S