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Moths and other critters

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Now that this site has me investing in Attolini and Isaia, how can I best keep moths away from my investments, both with the winter suits in storage and the summer suits in my closet?
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When I first started selling clothes on ebay, I was REALLY worried about moths. Now after 4.5 yrs, I don't worry much. Here is what I do: Shake or brush clothes off before you put them in the closet. Take reasonable precautions such as making sure there are screens on windows, and killing the moths you see flying around. And most importantly, don't let the clothes sit in one place without moving them for long periods. The ONLY moth damage I have ever had was to a crate of old and worthless clothing I had set in my garage - it sat there for 6-8 moths and when I opened it again the moths had got to it. If you have a seasonal wardrobe, shake it out every once in a while - that will disturb the little critters. This has worked for me, and in there are LOTS of moths where I live.
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Taking the precautions A Harris suggested should considerably cut down on your worries. However, bugs are very pesky. Whitmire Micro-Gen Research Labs manufactures a product called "Allure." It's a pheremone-filled cube with two sides cut out. A sticky residue is inside the cube with the pheremone and attracts all bugs. Knock on wood, I haven't had any trouble with moths on my clothes.
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