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Big Thanks to @imatlas for judging.  and a bigger Congrats to the Classic (Thomas Marshall) for the winning submission.  Let's get you outfitted in the perfect polo.  Will DM you the details!



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My new custom Vastrm polo arrived a couple days ago and I have to say that I am quite pleased.  On the left is my original and very baggy polo, on the right the much slimmer and sleeker Vastrm.  


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Much improved!
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Thanks for posting Thomas Marshall.  What a difference!

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10x better than the first Thomas!

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Thanks guys, it certainly is a night and day difference.  I tell you, after buying custom shirts (dress shirts and now polos) I don't think I can ever go back to RTW. 

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The new shirt probably would be slightly better if it weren't so slim, given the thin-looking frame. Still, it's much better than the old shirt's fit.
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Damn it, I missed this contest!

I had the perfect shirt too. You have to love the extra-long collar that goes past my shoulders. In order to properly rock this look I wore a pair of brown overalls. I call this the disco-farmer look. I obviously think that I am rocking it. The Asian girl to my left does not agree and looks on with disdain.

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@patek - classic photo and the smile is priceless!

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Just noticed some oddities at the shoulder and chest. Maybe it's the pose, or maybe there are minor fit issues. Only way to tell would be from a standard, straight-at-the-camera pose.
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Does your friend or family member have an ugly polo? Help them out!



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A new opportunity to get a free perfectly fitting Vastrm Polo Shirt! Check out the Design Your Own Polo Shirt Competition for more details.

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Our Home Try On Program is now FREE! Get your perfect fit 

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