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Flusser suits/jackets

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Where does Alan Flusser's clothing line fit in to the pecking order. I think the stuff is no longer being made, but there's some floating around on EBay. Is it comparable to Hart-Schaffer Marx? Hickey-Freeman Collection? Polo Blue Label/Corneliani? Polo Purple Label? Even better? I'm looking at a nice looking blazer on EBay that's at a mere $21 (several bidders so far), but the auction is closing in 3 hours.... I think the problem is, not that it isn't nice stuff, but that very few people have heard of Flusser, so no one bids on it.
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I'm sure there'll be a more expert response, but I know a little based on looking at the goods when they were in the store and purchasing perhaps a dozen items. Flusser's currently offers full custom suits, either MTM or custom shirts, stock special EG shoes, and a variety of good quality furnishings. The items on eBay are almost certainly from the previous store, in Saks. There he offered made to measure (Martin Greenfield), custom, and ready-made from various suppliers. The cut can be compared to Polo. Overall, closer to Purple Label than BLue. Hope this is useful.
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FYI - Flusser has a new line at SteinMart (discount stores), so you need to be careful of what you are getting with his name now. Bradford
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I've been none too impressed with anything that Flusser as produced - suits, sportcoat, books.... Just my two cents...
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