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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post

six inches is considered relatively small lookaround.gif

It is relatively small when you weigh 320 lbs.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

It is relatively small when you weigh 320 lbs.

True. As are most things
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

It is relatively small when you weigh 320 lbs.

Depends on the FUPA...
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

Go visit Vassar.

Do they make as much as men?
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

Go visit Vassar.


lol Vassar. Gay by May!

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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

Kirsten Dunst in trouble with the thought police over at Jezebel:

I guess my biggest reaction to this is - people get paid to write gender theory?

Sure people do, it's called unemployment compensation.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

It is relatively small when you weigh 320 lbs.

Damn good think you tell us you're well hung!
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So your boyfriend isn’t the father and you don’t know which lover is. So what? All that matters now is what is in the best interest of the child.
Here is what you do. You move to a different state and when the child is born and they ask in the hospital who the father is tell them you boyfriend's name.

In most states, he'll have 90 days to contest your claim, but he won't be able to contest your claim that he is the father if he doesn't know. After the 90 days, all that will matter to the judge is whose name appears on the birth certificate. Then go to Social Services and tell them he isn't helping you.

In North Carolina, for example, filling out a few forms at any social service office will get you child support checks from the state. You can put down whatever you want for his income on the form (the higher this number the greater your check will be). If later he contests this amount you can claim that he must have lied to you about his income in order to deceive you into giving sexual consent. The state will then pursue the father for reimbursement. If he fails to make a payment he will be guilty of committing a felony, which will strip him of the right to vote, obtain a passport and possess a firearm.

Most men won't be able to pay the child support and hire an attorney to fight your paternity claim. All that matters is that you have the money necessary to raise the child properly.

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That has 50/50 odds of being written by some "Men's Rights advocate."
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If this thread continues any longer I might start respecting Muslim culture

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Explicit video of taxicab encounter made public as legal problems mount for drunken passenger

A video released this week of a taxicab encounter shows a flirty woman lift her skirt and make sexual advances on a driver, who for his part, politely rebuffs her. The restrained tenor between the two, at the end of a ride from the French Quarter to Lakeview, offers little hint of the legal troubles to come.

In the three-minute video, both acknowledge they kissed. But the passenger, who later claimed she did not know she was being filmed, tries to keep the sexual momentum going, pulling on her underwear and lifting her dress, saying "Baby," and "Please." Meanwhile, the driver, who hit record on his cell phone, asks where he should drop her off and insists he is faithful to his girlfriend. After he drops her off, he curses her and indicates she made him sexually excited.

The fallout from the video has been dramatic. After viewing the video at a trial last week, a judge convicted the passenger, Jennifer Gaubert, 33, a New Orleans attorney and former radio show host, of simple battery, a misdemeanor. The same week, the taxi driver filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against her and the city. And next month, she is set to stand trial on a charge that she lied about the cabbie blackmailing her just to have him arrested. The felony charges carries up to five years in prison.

As a result of Gaubert's claims, the cabbie, Hervey Farrell, spent 27 hours in Orleans Parish Prison. His mug shot appeared in the local news with stories about a rogue taxi driver who filmed his passenger's private parts without her permission and later tried to extort her. Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro refused to charge Farrell, and instead charged Gaubert with filing false statements, a felony.

hervey farrell jennifer gaubert video screen grab

View full size

Taxi driver Hervey Farrell, 39, is suing his onetime passenger Jennifer Gaubert, 33, in connection with legal troubles stemming from a video he filmed during an encounter in his taxi.

Video provided by Municipal Court records

Farrell, 39, is fighting back, against Gaubert and the New Orleans Police Department, in a the federal lawsuit filed April 4. The suit alleges the city does not adequately train or supervise police officers, and claims Farrell was a victim of false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and kidnapping.

After his arrest, Farrell was forced to surrender his taxicab license, putting him out of work for several months while the New Orleans Taxicab Bureau conducted an investigation.

The suit names Mayor Mitch Landrieu, NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas and three police officer involved in August 2013 arrest. The cabbie claims the officers did not check the initial police report he filed on April 6, 2012, the day of the videotaped incident, which would have shown Gaubert was already facing the misdemeanor battery charge for touching his genitals.

"Mayor Landrieu and Superintendent Serpas did not even require the minimal step of requiring a search of prior reports regarding this incident, or open criminal litigation in the parish in which these officers operate, prior to issuing a baseless arrest warrant," the suit says.

Only Gaubert and Farrell know what came before Farrell pressed record.

Gaubert has acknowledged in a previous interview with NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune that she was drunk when Farrell picked her up in his White Fleet taxi near Bourbon and Bienville streets on the morning of April 6, 2012. In her version, she and Farrell were consensually fooling around near her home in Lakeview before he started filming.

According to Farrell's suit, Gaubert aggressively hit on him and refused his orders to leave his taxi several times, including on video. But the video does not show him order her out of the cab, as his suit claims.

He asks her repeatedly where he should take her and says he wants to go home.

The video shows Gaubert, in the front seat, leaning toward the driver, with her legs spread and dress raised. "Please," she pleads,

"Come here," as she pulls on her underwear.

"Please stop," Farrell says.

"What's your problem?" she says.

"I have a girlfriend," he says.

Later, Gaubert says, "Can you chill out for two seconds? You're hot. You're a (expletive) hot guy. I'm a girl. It happens."

"No, I'm a faithful man and uh," he says, before telling her he needed to drop her off.

"You were kissing me before," she says.

"No, you were kissing me," he says.

After Farrell drives Gaubert back to her house, she leaves and tells him, "Your girlfriend's a lucky girl."

As he drives away, Farrell can be heard muttering, "You made me blow a (expletive) load, you (expletive) whore."

After the car ride, Farrell called New Orleans police and filed a report, causing them to cite Gaubert for simple battery. After considering the video and other evidence, Municipal Court Judge Paul Sens found her guilty at trial on April 2. She is appealing.

A year after the incident, on April 5, 2013, Gaubert called police and reported to Officer Alfred Moran that she and Farrell were making out while she was drunk in his cab a year earlier. She told Moran that Farrell filmed her with her skirt lifted and genitals exposed without her permission. She also said Farrell emailed her attorney at the time, Brigid Collins, a copy of the video and offered to make her pending battery charge and the video disappear in exchange for $1,000, according to court records.

Moran and his supervisor, Sgt. Richard Hunter, then secured an arrest warrant for Farrell on counts of video voyeurism and extortion. The new federal lawsuit says the officers never asked Gaubert to show them Farrell's threatening email, "which did not exist." The officers also failed to contact Farrell about the allegations, view the video, or seek out the initial police report on the incident that had led to Gaubert's battery charge, the lawsuit says.

A spokesman for the Landrieu administration declined to comment on the pending litigation.

Farrell's arrest came after a traffic stop in August 2013. Officer Jack Manning ran the driver's name and found the active arrest warrant. The suit says his reputation was damaged and he had to pay some costs associated with a $21,000 bail bond.

After the arrest, Gaubert told NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune that she waited a year to report her allegations because she was too ashamed to call police. She said she had openly discussed her local radio show -- "Law Out Loud," which aired on WGSO -- with the cabdriver, which she believed made her a target.

She also said Farrell had initially demanded $60,000, but lowered it to $1,000.

Records show Farrell filed a civil suit against Gaubert in March 2013, seven months after the taxicab encounter. The outcome of that case is unclear. Farrell's attorney, Timothy Richardson, who filed both suits, did not respond to requests for comment.

"What I did was embarrassing and stupid, but it wasn't a crime," she said at the time. "What he did to me was criminal."

Gaubert's bench trial in the criminal case is set for May 9 before Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter.

Gaubert's attorney, Cameron Mary, declined to comment on her pending case. Gaubert is appealing her battery conviction, and is set for sentencing on May 7.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

That has 50/50 odds of being written by some "Men's Rights advocate."

Closer to 100%. MRAs tend to lump everything they hate about women into feminism. TBH, feminists don't really have much to do with the problems with our family courts, except to the extent that they have put a lot of crazy and incompetent women on the bench. In fact, it hasn't really been my experience that today's family courts are all that biased against men. I've seen men abuse the system just as easily as any woman. I also see a lot of men, especially young men but really of all sorts of ages, get screwed over because they don't participate and then are shocked when things don't go their way.
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Just pay the $500 for a paternity test. It happens all the time, that post is full of shit.
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I'm not totally misogynist but some women need to be slapped back to 1954. Misandry is just as bad as misogyny

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