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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

Lol, attorneys who take unwinnable civil suits against the state after I get rapists off. If I'm the ambulance chaser, they are the hearse chaser.

What are they suing for? What's the cause of action?
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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post

What are they suing for? What's the cause of action?
Civil rights suits would generally be brought under 18 U.S. Code 1983 (colloquially "1983 actions") for violating the plaintiff's Constitutional rights while acting under cor of law. This is usually the legal claim under which people sue police for alleged misconduct. For a whole slew of legal and practical reasons they're usually tough cases to win.
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Oh, so it's the criminal defendant who is suing? That seems like a bad move.

For some reason I was thinking that the rape victim was trying to sue. I guess I was just spacing out. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Per the article they are part of what the Crown (like the DA role in Canada) submitted, and as they already have plead guilty, it's probably available to the press. Pictures off their cellphones, computers, and those they've posted to an online "kick" website.

Harv, what was the final outcome of the cops trying to force people to give them passwords to their phones and computers? Isn't everyone subject to this now?

Oh sure. You are right that it's all perfectly legal and tidy. I just find the media's desire to share these things distasteful. In retrospect these images were nothing too personal, but I still don't care for it.
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This should really be stupid political shit, but this thread is more active.


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a little song to cheer you up guys
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Señor Penor Has Ruined My Life

As a modern, independent, open-minded woman who may love and get it on with whomever she wants to, I'm distraught that I can't get it on with and love all the incredible women I know or would like know. The moment I see a spread cunt I recoil in shock. Time and time again I keep falling for the arseholes who we commonly call men. Try as I might, why am I just not attracted to women, members of my own, far superior gender who I'm certain would offer me better companionship and intimacy?

My insatiable yearning for dick - real ones that spurt litres of cum all over me and room - has totally messed up my ability to pursue totally awesome relationships with totally awesome women.

If I wasn't on an perpetual quest for cock these are the women I could be totally with.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

Jennifer Lawrence

I would totally share separate beds with the godless that is J Law. We'd enjoy closed mouth kissing and then the rugged handyman I picked up at Home Depot would pound away on my pussy for 30 minutes. After I slurp down the last of his yummy load he'd leave and J Law and I would cuddle for hours. She'll gently kiss the back of my neck.

Soccer Mom

A fit 35-year-old mum with 3 spoilt children, a goofy golden retriever, and swank Range Rover. The calm exterior of well-born, effortless privilege masking the manic worry of arranging a play date with the 'it' kid's mum. We'd get buzzed on Chardonnay, stare longingly in each other's eyes, and giggle as we shared naughty secrets like the time she blew a dozen Tory MPs during lunch - if only we hadn't gone to pee together behind the tree and I saw her retro beaver and beefy lips. Gross! We'd hold hands and the other mums would look on enviously. I'd admire the quality of her pink cashmere sweater and her tasteful pearl necklace. At half her children's coach and some of the dads would give me my very own pearl necklaces in the backseat of my car.

Biker Babe

She is a smokin' hot hell raiser: curly hair, tight ass, gleaming smile all wrapped up in black leather. God, I hope she's a Latina so we can do some cool ethnic stuff. Riding on the back of her Harley, the engine's vibrations rock my clit and send shivers up my spine. Utterly. Soaked. I would totally boff her in one minute! OK, maybe in ten minutes, after I down four shots of tequila to steel my resolve and psyche myself up. And maybe get back on the Harley for a few more minutes of recharge. Hmmm... what if she just remained clothed and tucked her hair up into her helmet? Turn off the lights... and went down on me for 20 minutes without reciprocation? Now that's something that would really rev me up!

Post Op Trans Man

Brilliant! You were once a woman so you know all the girly stuff and how to communicate like one, and now you have a cock. I'm dying to know. Is it thick and veiny with a massive bell end? Does is spurt endless ropes of man juice?
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Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall Announce Engagement

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85

Press baron Rupert Murdoch and former supermodel Jerry Hall on Monday announced the engagement of Mr Murdoch to Ms Hall's adult granddaughter Pickles Jagger Hall-Jagger.

This will be the fourteenth marriage for Murdoch and the seventh marriage arranged by Hall.
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Suicide Blast in Istanbul Injuries One Woman

What we know so far

Welcome to live coverage of the aftermath of an explosion in Istanbul’s tourist area of Sultanahmet.

Details are sketchy but here’s what we know so far:

  • The UN High Commissioner for Women reports one woman was injured. Secretary General Ban to address the UN Security Council later today.
  • Photographs from Sultanahmet square showed emergency workers gathering around the injured woman.
  • The cause of the explosion is not known. No claim of responsibility has yet been made.
  • The state-run Anadolu Agency says several police and medics were sent to the area. Police sealed the area, barring people from approaching in case of a second explosion.
  • The Sultanahmet neighbourhood is Istanbul’s main sight-seeing area and includes the Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque. Turkey suffered two major bombing attacks last year.
  • According to Turkish television channels including NTV, ten men were killed in the blast and another 14 were wounded.

Rescue workers search for women
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What the fucking fuck does the attack in Istanbul have to do with this thread?


Bro, it's time to put down the keyboard for a bit. 

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So I see the SJWs are using Bowie's death as a platform. Apparently he was a bad man as they feel he fetishized women of colour.
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Fetishizing people of color. Imagine that!
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Nicole on the power of BJs. Needless to say the dialogue is NSFW.
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^ too bad comments are deleted
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Would definitely let her make me fall asleep.
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