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Aren't Cooper and Lemon both gay? That seems like it should change the SJW dynamic somehow, but I'm not sure how.
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I had no idea Don Lemon was gay. He's still a moron. 

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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

He said "rocking body" and had asked her to put a coat on before hand. You are correct that we disagree in that the comment Don made is going to be viewed differently by the public then the one Anderson made.

The larger point is one I believe we do agree on. That what Don said wasn't that huge of a deal in the context of when and why he made it. People will rage on Twitter till something else catches their attention and they move on.

No, I agree it will be viewed differently, but I don't think it should be within the context of the scenario. Yes, we agree on the larger point.

The black guy is gay though? This is really going to make SJW heads explode.
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Lemon is the "black hole" guy. He's dumber than a box of dead platypuses.
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This Unseasonably Warm Winter's 'Must Have' Outfits That Proclaim, "Woo-hoo! I'm 55 And At My Sexual Peak."

Lavender strapless bra (Victoria's Secret, $55)

Sure, you’re a catty cunt on the red carpet and a sultry she devil everywhere else. Pinch your own nipples during a live broadcast on national TV. Scare straight two bent blokes.

Spandex body suit (Lululemon, $120)

Bodacious bolt-ons? Check. Conspicuous camel toe? Double check.

Dress like a NASCAR victory flag at a Pride parade. You're the VROOM with a view, the boss of your own lady sauce. No apologies, sister. Gentlemen, start your engines.

Floral garland (FTD, $45)

Flower arrangements let the world know it’s time to pollinate your dewy blossom. Why dress like a widowed pensioner on Hawaiian holiday when you can be getting lei'd?

Traje de luces (Torro Shopping, $3700)

Unleash your inner dominatrix by donning the 'suit of lights' and grabbing the bull by the horns. Slip on a dildo harness and peg your man with your lady sabre. Shout "Olé!" as you pour a jar of salsa on his back. You're a coked up matador.
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Thanks curzon.  I was going to ask for pictures for science, but you came through.

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Ten Things I've Learnt Since Quitting Drinking On New Year's Day

You learn a lot of profound things about yourself and being a woman when you quit drinking alcohol 48 hours ago. You see the people around you in new ways, and you experience the world differently when you're not addled by alcohol - you see the deck is stacked against women. Here’s what I’ve learnt since I woke up in a parking garage at 3:12 pm New Year's Day with the mother of all hangovers and swore booze would never cross my lips again.

1) You can still be the fun loving girl who sets her hair on fire, but now you're in control. What I mean is... that's you setting your head alight and not the alcohol. Yes, it's a distinction with a difference; it matters. For starters, I've learnt a lot about control and setting boundaries.

2) With clarity you can remember things. I'm so blessed I could drop a deuce in public two hours ago and will remember it tomorrow or, if not then, the day after. With clarify comes ownership, and a strong woman owns her past, present and future.

3) Haters gonna hate. The patriarchal world detests an empowered woman staking her claim and owning it. "You?! Quit drinking?!" they scoff and naysay. Little do they realise I made a major life decision that would, within the space of just 48 hours, bring me closer to physical, emotional and spiritual health. No, that's not my hangover clearing and the Oxycodone talking.

4) I've become more beautiful, smarter, spiritual, confident and thinner. More everything, really. And what I've read on my Instagram is I'm inspiring many, many others to discover their more beautiful, smarter, spiritual, confident and thinner selves, too. It's about sisterhood, community and solidarity, isn't it?

5) I now seek and understand the wisdom of others. I'm a survivor. I'm not gon give up. I'm not gon stop. I'm gon work harder. I'm a survivor. I'm gonna make it. I will survive. Keep on survivin'. My all-knowing guides on this rugged road called sobriety are the three wise, strong women of colour who are Destiny's Child.

6) Though I've had several set backs so far, I keep getting up, my resolve to survive redoubled through the encouragement of Destiny's Child. No one’s perfect, and I don't need to live up to society's unreasonable expectations and double standards placed on women and what it defines as 'success' and 'sober'. Did women write the dictionary? Indeed they did not. Conforming to a man's definition is for a woman to be defeated from the very beginning. Remember when I said the deck is stacked against us? This is just one example of it.

I’ll be the first to put my hands up and admit that my two-day journey to sobriety has been a tough go. I’ve had my moments of weakness, and many times I’ve fallen off the wagon. For instance, three hours in I was triggered by the body-shaming image of a 'perfect' crossfit model on a billboard, I relapsed, drank a filth of Old Thompson, and passed out in a bus. But when I awoke I was stronger than ever and back on the wagon again. Until 5 hours later my PTSD flared up when my mum rang me on my mobile and pressured me about the status of my sobriety. Lesson learnt and it won't happen again as I unfriended her on my Facebook - no time and no explanations for stalkers.

But that’s OK. Life is filled with these ups and downs; it’s only by making mistakes that we grow, and I won’t waste energy dwelling on past mistakes. Or present ones.

7) Inside every woman is an artist yearning to express herself. The institutions of white male power may call it 'drunk and disorderly', but I no longer will be shamed to quiet my artist's voice by these oppressive terms. I am a fearless warrior-queen artist who always speaks her truth.

8) OK, I promised you ten things I've learnt, but I no longer aspire to meet the expectations of others. The price of your happiness shall not paid with my misery. If eight is now what I choose to give you, then eight it will be.
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You're weird.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

The black guy is gay though?.

Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

Lemon is the "black hole" guy.
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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

Seems like they'd be all for colonizing other planets, since they'll never be equal on this one.
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Belated Christmas and New Year's Greetings, All

The Event That Changed My Life: Christmas 2015

Like many young lads I looked forward to Christmas, the presents, the sweets, the binding of the womenfolk, and the all-too-brief holiday from school. But little did I know then that Christmas 2015 was to be the last of our cherished family tradition of the family Christmas card.

It all started with my father thinking it would be nifty to document in the Christmas photo a traditional English family scene. "Political correctness has gone mad," he said. "It's time we men put our foot down and reclaim Christmas from the 'happy holidays' crowd. They're ruining everything."

We trampled down the stairs to the dungeon, unshackled my mum, and, after a bit of struggle, we bound and gagged her, took her to the car, and tossed her in the boot. My sisters were to prove less troublesome. "'Cuz they're light," dad observed. And like most young girls they're frightened into compliance more easily. Just raise my hand like my granddad taught me and the women immediately bow down and cower.

During our drive to the country my father regaled me with tales of his youth how he bound and gagged my nan during the festive season - he has no sisters himself, and he reminded me how lucky I am to have mine. Periodically my sisters' pleas for "mercy" and "air" interrupted our time of sharing male comradery, so he'd shout out a threat to sell them to the gypsies if they didn't pipe down. No women in our family took this threat lightly knowing well my great-great-great granddad sold his too-chatty sister to the gypsies to buy the Christmas goose many years ago. How exciting it must've have been for her to live that vagabond life of a gypsy - all travel and no school - but I kept this thought private as I didn't want my sisters to get any ideas - they may up and run away to join the gypsies of their own volition. We know well the dangers of mixing women and thinking. My paternal ancestors were wise men.

We arrived at the Christmas tree farm for our photo. After helping dad unpack my mum and sisters from the car and threatening them with a tyre iron, I wiped their tears from their eyes and affixed new tape across their mouths. Green is quite Christmassy, don't you think? My father unbound them from their ropes and chains and rebound their hands with Christmas tree lights. As festive a scene of torment and torture as there ever was.

The photo was snapped.

The cards printed and posted.

And then the world lost its collective mind.

Yes, dear dad, PC has gone mad. And because of it the end has come to our cherished family Christmas tradition. What next will they take from us?

Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Ruth M. Glenn has responded with the following statement:

"Unfortunately, we live in a culture that still perpetrates violence against women as evidenced by this photo. What is equally as disturbing as the duct taping of the woman and girls’ mouths and the binding of their hands is the image of the young boy behind them giving a ‘thumbs up’. It is obvious, he is already influenced. [...] Violence against women is commonplace and perpetuated by apathy and ignorance, as exemplified by this photo. Once again, it gives us a glimpse into the ongoing struggle to change how our culture views and treats women and girls."
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Many people take the humorous approach when it comes to family Christmas card photos. But what happens when that photo goes viral and threats begin pouring in. That’s what has happened to Rosepine natives, Lanie and James Johnson.

"It was originally my idea,” said Lanie Johnson [the mother]. “I had found a photo like it on Pinterest and decided that...hey let's do it. We have three girls, the men are outnumbered. Let's do it this way."

The photo was taken by a photographer the family had known for years, Hannah Hawkes, whose business is just getting off the ground.

“I really don't do photos as a career, I do it more as a hobby,” said Hawkes.

Hannah posted the photo on her Facebook page Sunday night, and before long it was shared over 3,000 times. It had gone viral. And the nightmare for the Johnson’s and their photographer had begun.

“All the negative feedback was real disheartening and we kind of took it like this is happening...they're talking about our kids like this,” said Lanie.

“You know the picture was never intended to promote abuse in any way,” said Hawkes. “I know the family, they're not abusive.”

Many internet viewers feel the photo depicts abuse, with the women’s mouths duct taped shut and their hands appearing to be bound by Christmas lights. James is holding up a chalkboard sign saying “Peace on Earth”.

But the family says the negativity is overblown.

“You can interpret anything or pick it apart to make it sound like you want it to but in reality it never was meant for anything like that to blow up,” said James Johnson, the father.

The Johnson’s are preparing to celebrate their tenth anniversary Thursday and they said they won’t let this slow them down.

“We have flipped the negativity, turned it into humor,” added Lanie. “We make jokes about it and no one can tell us how to live our lives or what to do.”

As for Hannah Hawkes photography business is growing and fast. Before Sunday the page had around 200 likes. Now it has nearly 4000…and counting.

“I've received more business now than I did before,” said Hawkes. “I've received hundreds of messages from people. I've actually received messages from people all the way in Germany asking me if they're ever in America would I please take their picture. I said yeah sure, come to Louisiana, we'd love to.”

Many in the community are showing support for the Johnson family by posting their own photos on social media imitating the photo that went viral.

“Our community, Beauregard and Vernon Parish, they have pulled together and rallied behind us and they're supportive,” said Lanie Johnson. “They're taking their own photos to copy ours and posting them in support of us and I really enjoy seeing them do this.”

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Mom looks like she may be hot
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Stupid photo but not as stupid as the folks getting their vajayjays worked up.
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Photo's kind of funny . . . but what the fuck were they thinking? Get rid of the kids and its better.
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Originally Posted by NorCal View Post

Photo's kind of funny . . . but what the fuck were they thinking? Get rid of the kids and its better.


They were thinking they were being funny (or they were thinking they could piss a lot of people off).  Why the fuck do people care?  My guess is they posted this to FB as a holiday card, and either one of their friends got pissy and shared it or perhaps because someone liked it/commented a friend of a friend saw it.

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