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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

It's not male privilege's fault that you are crazy.

I'm sure there's nothing else to this story.
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I need feminism because I want to use graph paper for everyday purposes.
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Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post

I need feminism because I want to use graph paper for everyday purposes.

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All those lines and she still writes crooked
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I need feminism because I hate stupid people.
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Originally Posted by zarathustra View Post

Thin Privilege (you know you want it)


The following are examples of thin privilege that those of us who are seen by society as being physically “too big” experience regularly in our lives.

Examples of Thin Privilege:
1.You’re not assumed to be unhealthy just because of your size.
2.Your size is probably not the first thing people notice about you (unless you’re being thin-shamed – the opposite of fat-shamed).
3.When you’re at the grocery store, people don’t comment on the food selection in your cart in the name of “trying to be helpful.”
4.Your health insurance rates are not higher than everyone else’s.
5.You can expect to pay reasonable prices for your clothing.
6.You can expect to find your clothing size sold locally.
7.You can expect to find clothing in the latest styles and colors instead of colorless, shapeless and outdated styles meant to hide your body.
8.You don’t receive suggestions from your friends and family to join Weight Watchers or any other weight-loss program.
9.When you go to the doctor, they don’t suspect diabetes (or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other “weight-related” diagnoses) as the first/most likely diagnosis.
10.You don’t get told, “You have such a pretty/handsome face” (implying: if only you’d lose weight you could be even more attractive).
11.People do not assume that you are lazy, based solely on your size.
12.You’re not the brunt of jokes for countless numbers of comedians.
13.Airlines won’t charge you extra to fly.
14.You are not perceived as looking sloppy or unprofessional based on your size.
15.You can eat what you want, when you want in public and not have others judge you for it or make assumptions about your eating habits.
16.You can walk out of a gas station with a box of doughnuts and not have people yell at you to “Lay off them doughnuts, fatty!” (This actually happened to one of my friends.)
17.People don’t ask your partners what it’s like to have sex with you because of your size.
18.Your body type isn’t sexually fetishized.
19.You’re more likely to get a raise or promotion at work than someone who is fat.
20.Friends don’t describe you to others using a qualifier (e.g. “He’s kind of heavy, but REALLY nice, though”).
21.The media doesn’t describe your body shape as part of an “epidemic”.
22.You can choose to not be preoccupied with your size and shape because you have other priorities without being judged.



I have this as one of my privileges it goes along nicely with my White Privilege and Male Privilege. You should get a badge or something for collecting all three of them. 

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I started a notepad file on my iPhone to keep track of all my privileges
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Where can I post about my Giant Cock Privilege?
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

Where can I post about my Giant Cock Privilege?

On a Fantasy Forum.
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Originally Posted by rnoldh View Post

On a Fantasy Forum.

SW&D it is then.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

So much win in this one. Goddamn, I love this thread.
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Funny story, this woman http://www.hastac.org/users/ari-schlesinger wrote and article that got passed around the nerd community about a theoretical "feminist programming language"
In the scope of my research, a feminist programming language is to be built around a non-normative paradigm that represents alternative ways of abstracting. The intent is to encourage and allow new ways of thinking about problems such that we can code using a feminist ideology.

To succinctly sum up my research thus far I will outline the decomposition of my question below:

The idea came about while discussing normative and feminist subject object theory. I realized that object oriented programmed reifies normative subject object theory. This led me to wonder what a feminist programming language would look like, one that might allow you to create entanglements (Karen Barad Posthumanist Performativity).

I realized that to program in a feminist way, one would ideally want to use a feminist programming language. So what is a feminist programming language? Well I took a look at the major programming paradigms, the following are the four main groups a programming language can fall into: imperative, functional, object-oriented, and logic. I decided to explore feminist logic such that a feminist programming language could be derived.

I am currently exploring feminist critiques of logic in hopes of outlining a working framework for the creation of a feminist programming language.

So some snarky nerds decided to take her up on the idea and created this https://bitbucket.org/FeministSoftwareFoundation/c-plus-equality
* An ovate proclamation to the world: the feminist reclamation of
* the epistemology of the self, "Hello, World!". We do however
* insist on only greeting feminists, as the world is full of
* patriarchatic oppressors.
* @language: C+= 0.O-pre-alpha-matriarch
* https://bitbucket.or...c-plus-equality
* For millennia, human society has taught young, new programmers
* their toxic, seminal first lesson in the form of the Patriarchal
* "Hello, World!" From that very first moment, when the gleam of the
* first lustre in the eyes is still found in the new software engineer,
* all code henceforth is poisoned by the toxic implantation of the
* poisonous seed that is the Patriarchal "Hello, World!" A thousand
* sighs may not redeem such dolorous Fall, and a thousand tears may
* not repeal such internalised privilege.
* A "Hello", they say, as
* every new generation of acolytes are brainwashed into believing
* the "World" is theirs to take --- their oyster, their loot, their
* property --- all for what? A Patriarchal default of ownership? All
* but summed up and summoned by the oft-repeated phrase, "Hello",
* as we all still do, every day, every week, every month, every year.
* Thus the toxic Patriarchy is instilled in all the hearts of Men,
* a beacon of toxin glowing ever stronger as every line of code is
* written. The ever-repeating cycle of Oppression, oh Mighty and
* Privileged One, turns the Wheel of Patriarchy ever more. Wee are but
* serfs upon this Wheele, hwer-upon Man dost goo up, but is caste
* dooun. Forsooth a tragedy moost infexioous! Ah, wellaway, most
* noble lords, how can your cruell eyes endure so pitteous sight,
* To shed your liues on ground? wo worth the man,
* That first did teach the cursed steele to bight
* In his owne flesh, and make way to the liuing spright.
* Si Hoc Legere Scis nimium Eruditionis Habes.
* But lo! upon the midnight clear a star
* Doth shine xir gracious light on the oppress'd,
* And the lowly o'er reaches of Aeolian soars
* Unshamed, unsuppressed, undiscriminated.
* Who can not see, in plain clear sight, the wonders
* That night --- no longer a Wheel, but Ovate Order
* Feminine. The crown upon a Queen,
* And the King, no more. Rejoice! You all!
* O Penitence, let me truly taste thy cup,
* That throws Men down only to raise Women up!
* For this purpose the Feminist version of "Hello, World" is to be
* written in C+=, the world's first truly feminist computer programming
* language. Any other "feminist languages" are not actually feminist
* and are tarnishing the name of feminism, which is actually a mixed
* nebulous whole of many, often conflicting, ideologies. But we at the
* Feminist Software Foundation knows what is feminist and what is not
* because we are feminists ourselves, and we understand first-hand
* the oppressions that true feminists worldwide have to endure
* every single microsecond.

# consider

* And upon the stream of I/O did Juno sing
* A song most empowering: "Hello, World!"
* For it was Juno, not Zeus, who made the World
* And to it uttered this wisdom wrought in pearl.
# consider

// The whole idea of main() is frankly Oppressive, in an ideal
// world there would be no main() or subroutine(), only me()
// Edit: Luckily, we now have womain(), but I still think me() is better
xe womain() //the alphabet "m" should be banned because it reminds me of the word "man"
// Remember to check your privilege. Always.
// "std" is sooooo old-fashioned; we use "sti" nowadays.
//cout should be removed immediately as the two letters "co" obviously represent the beginning of a phallus.
sti::cout << "Hello, feminists!\n"; //Frankly I feel that line escape codes could be problematic

* Post-amble: Today I wrote my first reclamation program for the
* Feminist Software Foundation1 I'm sooooo excited! ^_^
* Imma cccdddrrrr loll
* I'm such a nerd!
* I think I'll write an essay on this triump over the Patriarchy!
* "If you want equal rights, better take equal lefts, too!" <- lol what I say to PATRIARCHY TODAY WITH MY C+= CODE

Most of it's greek to me, but I more or less get it. And it's funny, in a nerdy sort of way. So of course the feminists just laughed it off in good humor.

Just kidding. These are third (fourth?) wave internet feminists, so they did this

his repository is obviously set up to target people who don't agree with the people running the repository. It sends a message that the people running it have the time and inclination to spend on harassment campaigns against others who are already in a precarious position solely by virtue of being women, regardless of skill or career, as evidenced by the number of people driven out of STEM every day by campaigns such as this:

BTW, this seems to be part of a mini-trend I've noticed among nerd feminism. CF the kerfuffle over the Twitter block rules changes. Basically, Twitter's block function previously (and currently) keeps the blocker from reading the blocked person's tweets AND keeps the blocked user from seeing the blocker's tweets, but this week Twitter briefly changed it to just keeping the blocker from seeing the blocked person's tweets while still allowing the blocked person to see the blocker's tweets. Women online were decrying that this situation made them less "safe". Now keep in mind that tweets are public, and therefore anyone posting private info on there isn't "safe" by any real definition. And all the blocked person has to do is log out and see those posts anyway, as they are viewable by people without a Twitter account. The issue is that the blocked person would be able to retweet the blocker's tweets, and presumably make fun of them. So the "safety" at stake is safety from being made fun of. Fits in with the general trend of redefining words (e.g. "rape") in order to accomplish dubious rhetorical goals.
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Brilliant feminist arguments
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The problem with this thread is all you privledged people are uncomfortable with the fact that you have privledge, so you lash out.

What is it about the suggestion that we benefit from systems of inequality that causes so many people (particularly, in my experience, men and white people) to claim that they’re not “all like that”?

In my attempts to get to the root of the conundrum, I decided to use myself and other “well-meaning” white people that I know. Many of us consider ourselves liberal, even radical. We all have or have had black friends. Most of us probably voted for Barack Obama, and a lot of us are fans of rap and hip-hop. To all of us, my past self included, the assertion that we could be racist and that we definitely benefit from our white privilege is offensive at worst, dissonant at best. Cue the endless whines of “I don’t see race!” or, my overused favorite, “We’re not all like that!”

I obviously can’t speak for all white people (friendly reminder that nobody can speak for an entire race or group of people despite incessant urgings to the contrary), but in my experience, the reasoning behind the defensiveness exhibited by privileged people — in this case, myself — is caused by a feeling of isolation, alienation or polarization that occurs during controversial discussions regarding race, gender, etc, particularly discussions that indict the privileged class for their role in the perpetuation of inequality.
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