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This is correct. He was against fiat currency, but he was against the central bank because he felt it helped the rich and politically connected over the common man.


It still does.


RIP Jackson GOAT president. 

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Mike Tyson would be a hell of a draw as a female.

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Iron Mikeala
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Did you ever consent to something, but still came away feeling violated? Ever said “yes” to someone and then wished you could take it back? Well, you can.

Here’s the thing: it is possible to consent to having some experience and then, sometime in the future, not consent to having had that experience.

Put another way, you have “the right to retroactively withdraw consent” from any encounters you had, at any point in the past, that no longer feel good or safe to you.

Currently, the way we talk about consent leaves no space for people to re-evaluate their own experiences. Nevertheless, people frequently do re-evaluate their experiences—including and perhaps even especially their sexual experiences—based on a variety of factors. Newly learned information, changing circumstances, or the way they themselves have changed are all things that can and do alter people’s feelings about the past. Discourses about consent that don’t make space for such after-the-fact evaluations are flawed.
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Has to be parody.
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

Tough nuggets. You want to not be memorialized be president no. 2.
Phail!!!!! Jefferson is on the $2, duh.
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Originally Posted by Mariokartfever View Post

It still does.

RIP Jackson GOAT president for white farmers.
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I revoke my consent of having read the above posts.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

Phail!!!!! Jefferson is on the $2, duh.

My Pop-Pop (God rest his soul) was a big fan of... being eclectic. He would always send us several $2 bills for our birthdays. I'm sure the bank loved him.
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Wait, what? My paternal grandparents did the same thing. And we called my grandfather ... Pop-Pop.

No way that's a coincidence!
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Haha....lawyerdad is edina's cousin. Is this like finding out you're related to the unabomber?
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Haha....lawyerdad is edina's cousin. Is this like finding out you're related to the unabomber?
Did you ever see Rain Man?
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TL;DNR = please forgive me for being morbidly obese and occasionally wishing I was not morbidly obese.

It's rather depressing to read the level of brainwashing this HAES movement has managed to accomplish among a certain subset of morbidly obese women.
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I do my best not to play the "I'm a parent" card, but y'all will have to indulge me for a moment.

This "I can be a fatass and still be healthy and beautiful" shit infuriates me. As the father of a daughter I recognize that there are probably going to be body image issues down the line. In my observation, this is very nearly ubiquitous, albeit to varying degrees. Hopefully, it won't be eating disorders and shame, but there are going to be insecurities. This isn't a uniquely female thing, but it's certainly more common among young women (I don't think it's a coincidence that these HAES people are seemingly always women).

My job, and possibly to a greater extent, her mother's job, is to teach my daughter to be healthy and embrace who she is, rather than believe she ought to be able to look like the .001% of women society tells her are paragons of beauty. I also have to teach her that her real value isn't her body or looks. This was going to be hard enough as at was, but now I have fatass sows on the other side telling my kids that it's okay, even healthy and beautiful, to be fat and/or obese. It's not, and allowing my child to believe that is no healthier than teaching her she ought to starve herself to look like a runway model.

So now, rather than simply finding a way to teach my daughter to love what she has, I have to find a way to say, "you don't have to be rail thin to be beautiful" while also explaining why being fat is also bad. Then I have to explain why not being fat is a deeper issue than mere vanity, and that she needs to be a healthy weight not just for beauty but for health. I also have to do this without sounding contradictory, which is going to be a fine line, especially to the ears of a teenage girl.

So, thanks, obese land whales, you've contributed to further pain and insecurity among young women and their parents, and you've done so solely because you're too fucking weak to take some responsibility for your weight.
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For anyone who cares, I got the results back from my horrible endometrial biopsy: Endometrial Hyperplasia.


The not-so-great news: I'm too fat. One of the contributing causes to the excess estrogen is obesity. Apparently fat makes the stuff. Who knew?? So I have to lose weight. Considering I just tipped over to 200 lbs, the heaviest by far I've been in my whole life, I know I need to lose weight. The doctor was asking me about my diet and exercise routine and I was telling her that I pay every month for a gym membership I don't use. She was like "but why?? This is the one thing you *can* control (compared to my hormones and so on)!"

I'd love to have a conversation with you about this if you are open to an alternative perspective on pursuing weight loss. By all means, I encourage you to add in activity and make heathy dietary changes if you are not already eating that way... but weight loss itself does not guarantee the heath changes you are looking or and pursuing it (through restrictive eating or over exercise) can cause so many other problems. Estrogen is partly made in fat cells and stored there.. but what science can not actually tell us yet is if those of us who are heavier have more estrogen as a result of being fatter or if we are fatter as a result of producing more estrogen or if in fact both issues are the result of something else as yet unknown. For some really helpful reads on heath and weight consider reading Linda Bacon's Health At Every Size and Harriet Brown's Body Of Truth. Also, when you take a look at the way research on weight and heath is skewed and/or fabricated.. it may drive you to ask your doctor for the research/evidence that weight loss will improve your specfic health condition. If you are really bold you could ask her what she would have recommended to a thin client with the same condition? I'd love to chat more.

The person giving advice is of course morbidly obese.
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