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The Way We Were - From Days of Past

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Amazes me the 5 cent shine was sold by the shine of the young man promoting it - with woolen turtleneck and pleaded trousers and shiny boots.  Even the young boy to the far right looks snappy.



Great looking hat, striped waist coat, corresponding well knotted tie, and fabulous corduroy coat with tailored collar.  Even the fingernails are manicured.


A touch of formality with the tie, and a splash of casualness with the knot loosened.  Woolen V-Neck sweater with corresponding green in the tie.  Brown cap, although darker than the stripped suit, pulls from the suit's color cousins.  Trousers have unique front pockets - not found too often in today's wear - and without a belt (perhaps suspenders underneath).  Not sure if the white shirt is short or long sleeve.  If long, the lack of cuffs seems off-set a tad.



Fabulous array of mixed blues and mixed solids with plaid waist coast.  Not sure if the leather double holster shoulder belts would have its place in today's 911 environment - but I am sure they could be modified into another dress item - especially since the tie color could pull from the brown leather straps.  And lets not forget the buttons were probably made of bone.



My favorite dress jackets for taller men - that of a high 3-4 button outer coat.  I was going to guess this photo shows an inner waist coat, but a closer look seems to be another matching jacket of sorts.  The great looking corresponding grey tie looks to be a cousin to one of the above photos.




We can certainly learn of the best of the past and how great designs still remain great today.



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Past brought forward to today:



Yellow tie with strands of blue stripes to pull from the shirt; deep leather belt (to go with a nice pair of complimentary shoes; white trousers, a favorite in Spring and Summer; classic style haircut for the week; and a six-button waist coat with two pockets finish off a very handsome look for any age.

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Last picture misses. It looks like dress-up. Vest is too short and belt is showing.
If it were correct to the period, trousers would probably have suspenders.
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Picture #1 Well-fitted cardigan? Not really. Looks like his grandmother knitted it

Curling collar points- Before scientific breakthroughs to come: Collar stays;
anti-biotics, nylon stockings, etc.
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Working at a small local retail store back in the day of minimal wages still presented

the employees who stocked the shelves, rang up sales, and helped customers with

a sense of "business dress".

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Not sure if there has been much discussion on how hair style and facial style play an important part to the overall style of dress, but the following photo of the past surely has it's place in what may have been a very attractive style back then:



(Besides, I am not sure how many of today's men can nurture such a remarkable mustache)

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(The shoes gave it away!)

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Heavy wool, tweed, pressed, and well cared leather shoes. 


(Still works today)

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a low point of dressing from Days of Future Past

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(What's good for adult fashion is also good for the children)

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(Can't say too much about the first two above, but the last one reminds me of some of the current style in boots and cuffing the denims.)

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It must be new- there wouldn't  be a black person there otherwise.

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