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Shoe polishing

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I was trying to find the very helpful shoe polishing guide that was posted here a while back. I do not think it made the jump when we had our problems. If someone still has it, I would greatly appreciate a repost. I am a recent newcomer to the fine shoe market, and like most things I jump in full bore. Want to protect my new babies.
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Personally .. this is what I do. I have: Leather care cream: cleans dust etc, re-vitalize leather etc.. Shoe Shine Cream for black shoes and brown shoes .. So, what I do is 1st: I apply care cream and give a leather nice 'bath', then I apply shoe shine cream and buff with soft cotton cloth until it shines the way i want.. I do this after I wear shoes each time. Then I insert shoe tree then put those babies in shoes cabinet (or closet) to avoid dryness ..
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Andrew, I know that A. Harris has written probably the best stuff on this board regarding shining. Do a search for "Spit AND shine" and see the topic I started. A. Harris's explanation for spit shining is spot on perfect, I think. Also, A. Harris mentioned that he always put two to three layers of wax polish on his shoes before wearing, since it protects and seals the leather. I never knew this, but I now see the logic to it.
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