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4characters. Thanks for sharing. I like them all. My grab bag should be here in next few days. I will take a pic. I hope to get a pocket t Henley and waffle. Thanks again for sharing the opportunity
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Nostalgic item of the day: Loop Wheeled Sweatpants


In the 20’s-60’s sweatshirts and sweatpants were much nicer and more comfortable than today; this is because they were made on a marvelous American invention called the loop wheel machine. Loop wheel machines are circular knitting looms that weave a fabric without inbuilt tension which makes a very soft, durable, and lofty fabric.

The problem with loop wheel machines though was they were very slow so they were scrapped to be replaced by faster machines that mostly made inferior fabric. The remaining loop wheel machines were sold to Japan and Germany were companies like Loopwheeler and Merz b. Schwanen still use them today to make high-end clothing.

Here is a fine example of vintage loop wheeled sweatpants:




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I like the US made t-shirt blanks from Royal Apparel. Super comfortable

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Look what just came in the mail: Thorogood sneakers

I was quite surprised with the quality of these; they are really top notch sneakers with nice thick almost boot-like leather(no fake leather at all), a sculpted fit, good support, hefty laces, and a Vibram sole. Much better quality than Air Jordans.











These: http://www.weinbrennerusa.com/dspNavCategory.cfm?rootid=2&catid=157

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Yello Rat, is a nice brand with that look from the 50´s

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Surprised I don't see more Thorogood on the forums. The quality is decent — the Loake shoes of the work boot industry. Their styles are comparable to more popular brands without the extra price.

As far as socks, Woolrich is the big factory that supplies lots of brands; might be best to buy straight from the source.
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American startup of the day: Lawless Denim & Co (Phoenix, Arizona)


Lawless Denim is a really fascinating company; especially in the current state of American denim when 85% of American made jeans (including many made by small kickstarted companies) are contracted out to one company to be made in one factory. Unlike many of the other companies, lawless makes there own jeans in their own factory and they aren’t stopping there, they have actually purchased several old shuttle looms are working to weave their own selvedge fabric in-house from sustainably grown Arizona pima cotton useing Arizona copper hardware to finish it off.



While Lawless is getting ready to weave their own denim they currently have jeans made from selvedge denim from the US(Cone Mills) and Japan.


In fact, I Just took a delivery of 18.5oz relaxed straight jeans… And I’m impressed.










Some of the features that caught my attention:

- Super heavy and soft selvedge fabric (extremely comfortable)

- Fully lined back pockets and watch pocket

- Nice copper rivets and buttons

- Triple stitching on inside on legs

- Belt loops sewn into waist band

- Heavy duck canvas pocket bags and lining

- Selvedge detailing on fly and watch pocket

- Beautifully executed stitching on fly

- Union Special Chain stitching (In the world of denim, vintage American sewing machines such the Union Special are highly coveted and widely considered to make the finest stitching around)


I’m seriously surprised and impressed with the level of quality, ruggedness, and attention to detail. I really love how they fit too. These truly are premium American made jeans. I’m super happy with these jeans and can’t wait to see what lawless comes up with next.



And here is an interesting article about Lawless Denim: http://www.downtownphoenixjournal.com/2014/02/13/lawless-denim-co-stitches-together-prosperity-phoenix/

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A few great USA Made brands...Topo, Iron & Resin, and Velva Sheen!


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Here are my CXL horse hide roofer boots from Thorogood. Made in the USA, bought in Germany and shipped to the UK. They are a seriously sturdy piece of kit. I had a guy stop me on a night out to tell me how awesome they looked!
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great thread!
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Footwear of the day: US Military-Spec Boondockers By WWII Impressions:

WWII Impressions is one of the more esteemed US military repro brands that is said to make durable and high quality period correct items. 

Here in an interesting review of their boondockers: http://m1pencil.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/usmc-boondockers-wwii-impressions/

Pictures from the above review:

Here: http://www.wwiiimpressions.com/newusmcboondocker.html

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Cross post from the thrift thread, but here's a pair of top notch denim jeans made approximately 39 miles from my front door (in Oakland, CA). I absolutely love the craftsmanship in these things. i feel like I'm walking around wearing a work of art. I acquired these in a trade with another SF member based in Brooklyn.




Warning: Denim pr0n! (Click to show)
















Worn with a Patagonia plaid shirt and OG Tevas (the sandals were made in America, but the shirt sadly wasn't)


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Fine Light Trading Co. A creative business of one man: Innis Lawrence

Fine Light Trading makes very nice rings.


The rings:

Here: http://www.finelighttrading.com/

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And thanks Fueco for bringing up Roy. :) He makes some amazing jeans.


Roy: Jeans Made by One Man Named Roy In Oakland, Ca.

Roy is perhaps the most well respected denim icon in America. This guy is an artist.

Here: http://www.selfedge.com/roy

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