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Blue Lace Project laces just arrived a few days ago and they are nice in person…very well made laces.



Available here now:

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Flint and Tinder tees really do get softer with wear… My old tee I have worn a lot is softer than my new tee in “Bleached Army” color (pictured), but after several wears/washes the new tee is already catching up in softness… It’s just incredible.

Available here:

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Just got new American made boots!

White’s Smoke Jumper boots are handmade in the USA by some of Americas best master boot makers skilled in traditional boot building techniques that still hold true today as one of the best ways to get the job done. These particular boots are designed for people who jump out of airplanes for a living so they are (and have to be) super rugged and supportive.

More info hear:


Available hear:

(Note for custom sizing it is best to measure feet before ordering which this website makes super easy and user friendly---Just call and ask for Kyle!)

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The White's were long a sort of forestry status symbol.  Elite fire crews are some of the fittest people in existence, and they need extremely durable boots and can probably manage to ruin them.  Yours should last most of your adult life.


Nearly all of the rest of us can get by with less, and of course there's been a long trend away from the classic, heavy European hiking boots toward lighter gear.  By the 80s, running shoes were climbing mountains, in the summer.  Then there were attitudes toward snakes.  Some guys encounter rattlesnakes all the time, or get attacked by the little prickly pear cactuses in the grasslands of Wyoming or Montana.  Others will cover the same ground and nothing happens.   At the other end of the country, I've seen a land manager for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission going around barefoot.

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You've had those navy CXL for several months, right? How often are you wearing them and are you putting trees in them? I ask because they seem to have a lot less wear than I would expect from CXL.


I like this about them. I'm not a big fan of how CXL boots wear in. 

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It’s been about 4 months. I wear them most days, no shoe trees, just lots of brushing and sometimes a little leather preserve on the finger (in heavy wear areas).

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American company of the day: NEW ENGLAND OUTERWEAR

Makes beautiful hand crafted shoes and accessories--- also clothing is on the way.

“We are a very small, but passionate brand based in Massachusetts. Our focus is on producing 100 percent American made, high quality product. Our product is tried and tested in the harsh climates of New England and founded on the handmade quality and heritage of the region we grew up in. We run a 'one of a kind' factory that produces no one else's footwear but our own. By using the very best materials, from Horween leather and Vibram soles, to offering one free resole with each and every pair of our footwear during its life (newenglandouterwear).”

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post

American product of the day: The Stand-Up Beanie

Knit in America by hand on a small circular loom that weaves a fabric so tight that the hat can stand up on its own! This thing is built so well it could easily outlast me!

50% merino wool

50% alpaca

Made by local crafts person, but with a PM I may be able to help someone locate one if anyone has a burning desire to own a hat like this…





More details on the hat

Price? Colours?

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This is just the 50% alpaca/50% merino. Anything is possible---> see pictures


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Word just in from Gustin: “We've got a Zimbabwean cotton that we'll be releasing sometime in the next few weeks or so (Gustin Staff).”

Zimbabwean cotton is a rare cotton variety that has extremely long, luxurious, and durable fibers that makes for truly top notch denim. You heard it here first folks: Gustin will soon be releasing jeans made from the finest cotton known to denim. This is good news for denim heads and Americans alike!

This will turn the high-end denim market upside-down as Gustin can consistently sell their wares for about half the retail price because of there innovative and direct business model. MTO + Hand made in San Francisco.

Site of Gustin:

Will update as more info comes in.

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Interesting thread.

I think it would be cool to compile a list of Streetware and Denim type brands that are made in the USA.

It's taken me quite a few years, but I'm now at the point where over 90% of what I wear is USA made. I've done this for many reasons, some logical and some not so much.
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American made product of the day:  Gustin Zimbabwean cotton jeans are finally hear.

“At the heart of any great fabric is cotton. Many would say there is no better variety to found than that grown in Zimbabwe. Now we have it for you. It's know for an extra long staple that gives it legendary toughness combined with a soft feel. This 15.0oz example certainly gives credence to that (Gustin).”





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I love the idea of this thread. My greatest joys in shopping secondhand is finding Made in the USA stuff. Will start posting pics...
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The Gustin approach to business (get a bunch of subscribers for a proposed clothing item, then making exactly what the subscribers ordered) isn't new.  It worked for financing fancy coffee-table books with colored engravings of plants, animals, or whatever back in the 1700s.  Audubon did subscriptions for his bird books.  I subscribed to a friend's art project that helped fund his honeymoon.  For clothing, it seems kind of new, but might work.  Think of the waste avoided.  

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Here's my favorite USA Made brand. Tellason. I love that my denim is made of US grown cotton, assembled in San Francisco and entirely US made.

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