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American made product of the day: the minimalist cordovan wallet

Cordovan + Waxed Linen Thread + Handmade in USA = :)


Found hear:

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Small American leather shop of the day: One Star

This shop works leather in a really traditional manner: hand stitching, waxed linen thread, Horween leather, etc…

“100% handmade-in-the-USA product. No sewing machines, no assembly lines. Just top quality raw materials put together by hand.”








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Product of the day--- Cone Pima Fire: High-end long staple cotton selvedge jeans made in the USA by Gustin with US made Cone Denim!


“Gustin jeans made from sanforized raw selvedge denim from Cone Mills White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina.

We normally find very classic dark indigo styles from our friends at Cone. This style is something much more unique. For starters, this is deadstock fabric, no longer in production. Both the warp and weft use 100% Pima cotton. This is a long-staple cotton variety renowned for luxuriousness and durability. This style is the by far the most textured Cone Mills selvedge we've ever discovered. A highly slubby warp yarn results in a very streaky appearance. The white weft shows through prominently and randomly against the indigo warp creating a fiery look. Great fades are in store for a denim like this one. It's a mid-weight 12.5oz and is finished with a walnut brown selvedge ID. Definitely the most bold USA selvedge we've found so far and one we're grabbing a pair to wear.”



Note: the significance of these jeans is:

-          They were Just released the day of this post

-          They are Long staple cotton like the best of the jeans from japan so they are actually competitive with the best brands from japan

-          Some companies like 3-sixteem make long staple cotton jeans in the US, but Gustin’s new jeans use American made long staple cotton denim ware most of the others use Japanese denim

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Guess what just came in the mail today….


You guessed it, socks! Our favorite topic!

But not just any socks, they are made in the America by Flint and Tinder with Supima cotton: American long staple cotton. They are super soft, super well made and very rugged.


I have a couple extra pairs of Maggie’s socks (also American made) for comparison and I’d say they are about comparable…. both are nice, but Maggie’s are more traditionally made and F+T’s are more modern with reinforcements, elastic, cushioning, breathing patches, etc...  maybe better for hiking?

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American product of the day: The Stand-Up Beanie

Knit in America by hand on a small circular loom that weaves a fabric so tight that the hat can stand up on its own! This thing is built so well it could easily outlast me!

50% merino wool

50% alpaca

Made by local crafts person, but with a PM I may be able to help someone locate one if anyone has a burning desire to own a hat like this…




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Need some shoe laces? These are pretty cool: F+T’s Blue Lace Project

Yea, there is a little gimmickry hear, but they are also seriously nice laces… and currently being crowd funded at Kickstart, heck I backed em.

Pretty strong laces anyway…


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any good made in America deodorant?
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^ Indeed:

I've never used it myself (I'm partial to the Weleda Sage deodorant, made in Germany), but I know several ppl who swear by it. Made in Oakland, CA.
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thanks for the starting the thread. I have enjoyed seeing the products you highlighted and may even buy a few. I have been looking for some shoe laces so I'll tae a look at the kickstarter program and may back a few pairs

thanks again!

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Speaking of American made shoe laces and lacing up blue… I have a story about lacing up brown.

A while back my dad was with a friend driving somewhere in my dad’s friend’s old truck and then the truck broke down… it turned out to be a broken belt. So hear was my dad and his friend stranded out in the middle of nowhere with a broken belt.  Luckily my dad’s friend was wearing White’s boots, so he took his nice leather boot laces and tied them just right so he could just limp the truck home using the bootlaces as a belt. The funny part is when he got home he actually had forgotten all about the broken belt until a few weeks later and he ran his White’s boot laces for all that time without even being able to tell a difference… The laces had held despite undergoing untold hardship and beating during those weeks.

The boot laces:

BTW: Thanks for your kind words DuckOB

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American leather shop of the day: LoyalStricklin

This company makes traditional quality leather goods by hand in America using fine materials such as the iconicly American Chromexel leather from Horween.



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RECKLESS REBEL crew neck sweater

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I've been on a Made in the USA kick for the past couple of months, so I recently bought a pair of Buckley Denim jeans from a local store.  I got the heavy weight "slim" model and am extremely impressed.  They aren't slim as in skinny and are comfortable in the place where it really matters.  The only experience I have with selvedge denim are 2 pairs of N&F (weird guy), but the fit of the Buckley's is a little better and I really like the deep pockets.


If anyone living in the Atlanta area wants to try a pair, I highly suggest The Clothing Warehouse in Little Five Points.  The founder/co-owner of the store is Jim will get these jeans at a great price.


Crappy phone pics:



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American leather shop of the day: LoyalStricklin

Nice, I'm going to check these out
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