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Seeing how I just got these new boots I’ve got to post them in this thread…

White’s boots: hand made in spoken Washington by some of America’s finest master bookmakers.

These are custom White’s semi-dress boots in Navy Chrome Excel leather (leather made by Horween of Chicago).





Looks like I'll just have to keep buying American to keep this thread going...

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Regarding american made socks, Wigmam and Two Feet Ahead are two of my favorite. Also- Anonymous Ism makes some of their socks in the US, depends on the style though.  All great sock IME.

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i want to start a brand called made in usa and then make everything in china
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it's not like there isn't plenty of that going on already.


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Just got a great new T-Shirt made by the new Kickstart business Flint and Tinder… I really like the shirt so far, it’s really comfortable and (of course) made in USA.

Flint and Tinder tees are 100% pure American long staple cotton, Supima to be exact.  Supima cotton is super soft and durable as all get out. Seriously, take a look at this wear testing report from Supima, It’s really cool.

Supima Wear testing:

Flint and Tinder website:

F&T has some super cool stuff there selling; I especially like their 10-Year-Hoodie…

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4characters you keep this up your classmates will wreck themselves every time they see you and you wont have any left
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It's been getting cold so I have been just searching around… and then I saw the entrancing words "the Finest Wearing Trousers in America!"

Even cooler yet they are handcrafted in Johnson, Vermont by Johnson Woolen Mills using 22oz “Spruce Green” wool with nylon reinforcement.

Hear they are:

pretty cool stuff anyway...

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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

I'm really feelin this shirt, it's a must kop:

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Here is a rather cool artifact… An old union made in America denim shirt.





Speaking of union made clothing, has anyone tried Thorogood roofer boots? I have been checking them out and they look pretty nice… Union made in Wisconsin!

Boots found hear:


Picture from this cool site:

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Chippewa boots -- American made (and a good value).  Definitely my go-to workboot.    


great thread.:cheers:

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Thanks man.  pretty nice stuff. hand made in usa :happy:


can be seen better hear:

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post

Just got a great new T-Shirt made by Flint and Tinder… Made in USA.

Flint and Tinder website:

Hear is a close up picture of my F+T shirt in "Bleached Ink" color.

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Regarding socks: My favorite brand since it started has been Smartwool. However, not all of there's are made in the USA these days. You have to look on the package to see which are still made in the USA.


My new favorites are the Cresta wool and Chino socks being sold by LLBean. They are merino wool, made in the USA and priced better than Smartwool. They have a good fit and are well made.


I also have some Thorogood boots that I really like. Mine are the Vinegar Hill. These are made for Hichkickz by Thorogood. Thorogood's generic name for these boots is No. 685. Good price for a well-built, leather-lined, American made boot.

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I have a question for you guys, are there any American made jeans comparable to Iron Hearts in terms of weight (21oz+) ?


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American trio

Allen Edmonds are made in USA:D


So is Horween shell...

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