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Made In USA (Streetwear & Denim American Style)

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Hi, I’m hoping to make a thread for American streetwear.


This thread can be a fun thing for:





And rediscovering the wonders of the west.


There are many other nations that are wonderful and make lovely streetwear, this thread is certainly not made to go against that. This thread could be a great celebration of American streetwear and a cultural rediscovery of America.


Take advantage of this thread: post what you got and post what you know.

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I'm really feelin this shirt, it's a must kop:

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Let's get this started. TOJ, Gitman, Oak street. 1 and 3 are americana-ish but I could see them being worn in a more streetwear-ish way.



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need this made in america though, i'm thinking nike re releasing this from the vault but made in usa?

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Vintage treasure…









Thanks for all the nice posts guys.


This site has an extensive list of American made footwear companies:

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This vintage Schott is the best jacket I have ever owned and one of the only jackets that fits my long arms. I swear, having long arms in only good for getting into knife fights and riding motorcycles… It seems that fate has doomed me to a life of wearing bomber jackets and riding vintage motorbikes, but on the other hand I can never be a Nazi… Because doing those funny solutes would make my sleeve go halfway to my elbow and would look ridicules.

The leather is getting dry, would anyone suggest a good leather product to replenish the leathers natural oils?

I’ve had Robin zippers on a couple on old American leather jackets… They are the heaviest/best zippers I have ever seen. I looked up Robin zippers and haven’t been able to find out anything about them on the web.


Marlin Brando wearing a Schott jacket and selvedge Levis as seen in the movie "The Wild One".



Feel free to ask questions or post anything that strikes your fancy.

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I'd think you'd have other reasons to not be a nazi.
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I have been looking for a biker wallet and belt to match my navy Chrome Excel White’s SD boots.

I’m still looking, but in the process I have found a few small American leather shops. is actually really good for finding old world American craftsmanship.


Here are the leather shops I found:


Any help in finding a Navy Chrome Excel biker wallet (like pictured) or belt would be greatly appreciated.

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Found it… but at $380 I think I will get another pair of White’s boots before I buy it…

Still searching for a navy CXL belt though…


Hear it is:


All posts welcome

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Putting together an American made wardrobe…

Jacket--- Schott (USA)

Shirt--- Pendleton (USA)

Jeans--- Stronghold (USA)

Belt--- Justin (USA)

Buckle--- Rodeo Silver (USA)

Leather Case--- Occidental Leather (USA)

Boots--- Tony Lama (USA)


Can you help me out; educate me, what’s good that’s made hear in the USA.

What are the basics in an American wardrobe?


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Jeans and belt Gustin

Dress boots/shoes Alden

Work boots Wolverine 1000 mile 

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For a while now I have been looking for some good American made socks… I recently found some nice ones that I ordered and they just came today and they are perfect (Thick, soft, comfortable, etc..).

What attracted me to them is that they are traditionally made in the USA on old-world style sock looms using 99% un-dyed long staple cotton.

Hear they are:




TactileOne--- Thank you for your responce, great info!

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Hear is some NOS American made clothing I just got today...




Can you find the pocket on the shirt?

Ask a question. :D

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