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Originally Posted by steveabdn View Post

The braces I'd like to try for function more than anything else, I'll like be keeping them undercover with a v-neck but I find a belt uncomfortable over a 10 hour working day

Have you considered side adjusters instead? The concern I have with braces and odd trousers is that it really limits their versatility as you pretty much have to wear something over them. I suppose it's not an issue if you are always wearing a jacket or something else to cover the braces, but it's worth considering.
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Do you have particular style or design in mind, or want to have something pretty custom? Check out the Luxire thread. There are several recent posts with pics on custom trousers. They have standard fabrics as well as Dugdale and Minnis. I have an order for custom chinos where I customized pretty much every aspect and sent in an existing pair for measurement.
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Hi smoothmoose,

Right now I'm looking for standard sort of fare, I'm unsure exactly what it is I'm looking for and so I want to look at other examples rather than setting down exactly what I want

Thanks for your response I will go check out that thread
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