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i picked up a bunch of stuff already, so i'm almost kopped out for fw13...

ervell tan moleskin field coat (fw11, sufu)
wm navy hopsack luggage jacket (fw12, sf)
the north face x nanamica x harris tweed down vest (fw12, rakuten)
the viridi-anne charcoal blazer (?, sf)
barena sand torceo jacket
burberry brit melton wool military coat

epaulet plaid flannel shirt (fw10, sf)
eg red/blue floral popover shirt
ervell turquoise fisherman sweater
sns oxblood lure sweater
epaulet autumn speckle herringbone rivet chinos

carmina x skoaktiebolaget grain calf jumper boots
buttero brown tanino low sneakers (pre-ordered from nmwa)

i don't really have anything on my radar right now, but i'm sure i'll be tempted by stuff as the season progresses.
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W+H pea coat Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

CDW Vest
Canada Goose Vest+Jacket
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OK I'll play:


-Couple of wool slipovers (navy and charcoal or black)

-Dark olive Barbour jacket

-New fishermans hat (not sure on colour, but probably Cabourn)

-SEH Kelly tweed blazer in Cocoa

-Couple of knitted ties (burgundy and dark brown, would like to keep it cheaper than Drakes even though they are lovely)

-Nice heavy/thick but slim cords (the decent fabric only ever seems to come on wide-leg trousers)

-Tattersall check shirt, slim fit (again usually a bigger fit than I like)

-Beams+ olive cargo pants

-Black & indigo slim/skinny jeans

-Decent brown leather gloves

-Really don't need any footwear, but tempted to pick up the Clarks Seam Trek in black, and really like the NEO Co crepe wrap boots


Think that's about it, though only the first 3 or so are essential.

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

ok fuck this list got a revised one

-buzz ma-1
-black jeans
-vass boots
-begg scarf

got some cheap flannels, want a mackintosh too, would love casentino and polo coats but no use for them

also copped an inverallan to add to my collection
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need pic of jet knit collection icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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one day my friend one day, need to have custom closet built
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

same stuff i've wanted for a while and probably won't have the funds for any of this ish this year, but...

eg shawl
eg wool andover
wool pants
eg flannel (just got like 3 uniqlo flannels but would be nice to have something a little higher quality as well)
short olive nyco jacket for spring/early fall. kinda pissed i didn't buy the eg off yoox 2 years ago
some type of brown leather jacket that looks cool
brown derbies.

picked up something to fill the short spring/all olive jacket (cotton, not nyco, but basically the same) and have my eye on pieces to fill the wool pants hole and also the eg andover (not eg, but close enough). icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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What's the one knit you have to have? @jet
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-Peir Wu pants, outerwear
-trickers Keswick
-knit jet recommends, or Schneider
-down jacket/coat, thinking junya or cabourne
-tapered flannel pants in general (any suggestions?)
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

ok fuck this list got a revised one

-buzz ma-1
-black jeans
-vass boots
-begg scarf

all i got was a begg scarf and uniqlo flannels lol8[1].gif (ma-1 didn't fit me)

damn greg foiled my plans with nmwa and ended up getting work shit ie coat, ties, shirt, squares, scarf etc

still desperately need jeans and black boots, with a sprinkle of schneider
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really hoping this goes on sale, will probably kop if it does

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