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Black Oxfords

A lot of money at my tailor
White Sk8 His

Plain tees

875s or Beckmans



That's about it at this point.  Nothing I'm super interested in right now. I'd like to grab a pair of stan smiths when they re-release but I'm not sure when that is.

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

It's that time again, what's on your lists? Still have a couple summer pieces I need to cop but they're around every year so let's get this ball rolling.

I don't need much but
-frank leder cardigan
-frank leder baseball jacket
-ss cardigan jacket
-black pants with a nice taper
-black jeans of some sort
-yet another pair of apc ns
-a pair of carminas or c&j oxfords
-black boots ie guidi or marsell

Pictures will work if you got'em.

ok fuck this list got a revised one

-buzz ma-1
-black jeans
-vass boots
-begg scarf
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Heh Jet, speaking of flannels, I have a weird desire to just wear EG to work all the time as business casual.
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Heh Jet, speaking of flannels, I have a weird desire to just wear EG to work all the time as business casual.

also speaking of, who does good flannels? not even sure where to look...BoO, gitman, ...?
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eg, gitman, cdg
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sick bro
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No cops for me this closet needs more space before I can buy more stuff -_- Otherwise, my articles would just be jammed together and that's not a pleasant sight or good for the clothing either.

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thinking about black jeans. Will be the first since I was 17 and goth.
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like your new list much better, jet.


I used to have a thing against black jeans (too metalhead burnout), but I've been wearing mine a lot lately. also, faded blacks.

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Just got:

CP vintage highs in oxblood
Ervell cardigan in olive

No plans for future
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RRL usually puts out some decent flannels too.
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kop list futility:

intended kop list
- stephan schneider outerwear (possibly one of the hooded pieces from the new collection, but haven't seen the whole collection yet so who knows)
- sns herning knit (possibly in the new oxblood colorway, wait to see the entire collection)
- classicish charcoal 3/4 length over/topcoat with some interesting details (maybe zegna? know idea where I'll find this one)
- black tapered denim (looking at the BiG samurai 710 collabo) delayed
- rick owens/balmain/incarnation black leather if I can get a deal
- black boots (a la marsell, augusta) delayed
- brown boots (a la officine creative)

current kopped list
rrl selvedge officer field chino
john elliott and co villain hoodie in black
uniqlo lightweight knits x2 (to replace others)

and currently looking at
rw 9185 if I can get a deal
chunkier grey cardigan with some drape/oversized (got recs?)
schneider stuff (anniversary, chandler, tremble, et al)
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Going to get a mattress soon and kopping plenty of Zzzzs.

Finally found a quality one for a decent price that should last hopefully.

Forgot I had a beams flannel in a box I've yet to open from last year, still need more though.
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I dig my mattress from Room and Board. I like a firm ass mattress though. A new pillow is still on my kop list; having a hard time with that one.

I bought some sneakers uhoh.gif
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purelatexbliss pillows and sferra blankets icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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