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Here in Berkeley, the few people who bother to put on a tie seldom wear anything other than a yellow/gold tie on a blue shirt, complete with a navy or charcoal suit. Works perfectly.
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My sincerest apologies for dragging this up out of the sartorial graveyard, but, per chance could I request your advice on a variant of the above combination?


My midnight navy suit is in the tailor and whilst in there I spotted a rather dashing yellow/bue-spotted tie. As I am a man who is, shall I say perspirationally challenged, a light blue shirt is most certainly off the cards. This is compounded by the fact that such an outfit would be debuted at a summer wedding in Greece.


My question is then as follows - would the navy suit/yellow tie combo work with a crisp white shirt?


N.B. I note that Drake's is offering one similar to the aforementioned tie:

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That Drakes tie would work very well with a white shirt especially because it has some white in the pattern, but without seeing your exact tie I can't say for sure. Slight shifts in color do matter.

All that being said, don't wear a yellow tie without a good tan. Yellow ties tend to make people look washed out without a bit of a bronze glow.
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Most grateful for the advice, Sir. I am rather pale in the face bordering on reddish on a good day. I guess the yellow is a bit of a challenge so will look elsewhere perhaps. 

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