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Getting pen marks out of suit pants

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I mistakenly brushed my pen against a pair of tan suit pants the other day, and am not sure what is the best way to get the mark out...Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Isn't this a bitch? I do this sometimes. In my experience, dousing it with cold water and rubbing it out IMMEDIATELY has always worked best with me (though this is with ball point pen marks -- ink pens may tend to smear). But you are too late for that. The best option is probably to take it to the cleaner and have them apply cleaning fluid to it -- I recall there being cleaner specifically for ink marks.
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Oh, by the way. If they are a non-cotton fabric, then DEFINITELY take them to the cleaners as your first option -- I only douse and rub with sturdy cottons.
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Hem, I am usually able to get stains out of shirts by applying laundry soap, after pre-treating / detergent soaking the garment first for a few hours. Let 10 minutes to pass after rubbing the laundry soap, leave soaked for an hour or so, then handwash. Was able to erase stains that had been there for weeks. However, I've never tried this to wool garments.
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Ink stains: some sort of alcohol based solvent, or even regular rubbing alcohol. Most fountain pen shops sell good stuff that will work on ball-point ink, fountain pen ink, etc. I recently got a nasty ink stain out of the cuff of a white T&A shirt cuff. First, you place paper towels behind the stain and apply the alcohol with another paper towel . . . the ink will want to spread, and the dry paper towel beneath the fabric will catch that . . . keep changing the towels. If this doesn't work, soak the offending part of the garment in the alcohol solution for a few hours, then launder. This is also helpful for getting rid of that red pen mark that Neiman's Clearance Center uses.
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