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tshirt help

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Im looking for undershirts that fit like http://www.bluefly.com/pages/product...;Nu=Product+ID [www.bluefly.com]

but have the length of a tank top.

Any ideas?
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Pure Comfort 172/1360
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it needs to be a tshirt basically tight and long
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You should probably provide a price cap before Kabbaz gets another chance to post.
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Price range...... not more then 30 per shirt.

Anyways I have been surfing the net and came across this shirt. The length looks correct as do the length of the sleeves. The shirt also looks tight. This is what I am looking for but I understand pictures can be deceiving. I looked at another site with the same shirt but a different guy wearing it and it looked to me that the shirt was 5-7inches smaller!!! If anyone can bring light towards a tee I would really appreciate it.

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I was searching for something similar recently, slim fitting but extra long. After searching here for a while, I came across a recommendation for Saks house brand Supima cotton undershirts. I'm into my first pack now but I've heard that they shrink quite a bit. Other than the possibility of shrinkage, they're exactly what I've been looking for.
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