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Today is going to be a bit of a twist – instead of featuring threads, I’m going to feature three affiliates. Who rock.

Malford of London

Malford of London (or really, Malford), is a shop with some excellent merchandise from season’s pasts at big discounts. With hallmark brands like RRL, Ralph Lauren Purple Label and everyone’s Italian favorites, it’s a must see.


Everyone loves Epaulet. I wear Epaulet. You wear Epaulet. They rock when it comes to basic dress clothes – chino, shirts, shoes, pants, everything you could want.

Blue Owl

Yea I know, denim is dead. Blah blah blah. Look, while raw denim isn’t in it’s circa 2010 heydey (and thank god for that – we’re all spared the site of ugly, awkward jeans), there are still some great brands out there producing amazing denim. And Blue Owl really stocks them all.

B&S Finds

Polo Ralph Lauren White Bucks, 9



nonnative Dweller Hi, 1