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Gaziano and Friends


Rounding out our coverage of extremely expensive, yet extremely beautiful shoe brands, it’s Gaziano & Girling. The newest of the big makers, but still steeped in history, G&G makes aggressive, beautifully styled shoes with to-die-for antiquing and finishing. With a price tag to match. 


Waist Suppression Choices


Are you a drape fan, or do you favor sack coats? Really, what sort of waist suppression do you favor? And this is what this thread is about. It’s even a poll!


German Army Trainers, Bro


German Army Trainers (or GATs to us fashion aficionados) are probably the best, and most often imitated sneaker, there is. The foundation of Adidas, the hype behind Margiela, there’s nothing better than this combination of suede and leather.