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SuitSupply alternatives?

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Hi I love the suit supply look and the quality and everything about the suits there but unfortunately they're a little bit out of my price range. I am looking for an suitsupply alternative that is below the $400 range but still of good quality. The style I like is that of suit supply (Wide peak lapels, Plain colours no patterns, light materials) I have looked at places such as J.Crew and TM. Lewin and Bannana Republic and I dont particularly like the style of their suits. I would highly appreciate it if any of you could aid me in my search thanks.
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Simply doesn't exist. Save more and get what you like.
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you can find some gems at yoox. but be prepared to go through a lot of garbage (wrong sizes, etc.) first
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For your price range I would look off the rack department store, IE Nordstrom Rack, Centruy 21, Etc 

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