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Bespoke or Not?


This is a brief (but hopefully growing) thread about when, and why, you should pursue bespoke. Should it be fit based? Should it be design based? What are your experiences? This thread could be the start of something magical. 


All About LA


Do you live in Los Angeles? Do you want to visit? This is the Los Angeles-centric thread in the Streetwear and Denim. From food to fashion, Los Angeles has it all, and this is a great resource for people to explore and discover what’s best on the left coast. 


Better in Japan


This thread is an excellent, well-updated resource on Japanese footwear. Blending the best elements of Italian and English shoemaking, Japanese bespoke, like so much Japanese production, is flawless. 


B&S Finds


Howard Yount Flannel Pants, 30



Navy Duluth Pack