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Grey 3 piece suit oxford shoe showdown

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Hello everyone,


I'm sure we are bound to see some conflicting opinions here, but I'm making progress learning what might go best with my grey 3-piece suit. 


It all started back on this thread:


Since then, I have now changed course and am hunting down some oxfords. For some reason I prefer brown/burgundy over black, and I'm looking to see what some opinions are on these. 


In no particular order (but, at the risk of killing my credibility, I do "like" Gucci shoes, but I'm not a brand loyalist in any way)


Without further ado:


AE 'Clifton' Oxford: I really like the color, and it has details on the toe cap that make it more interesting without going too far from acceptable. The more I look at this show the closer I am to buying it.'clifton'_oxford:28432_4&cm_pla=shoes:men:oxfords&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads&mr:referralID=ec1c9c6f-f7d2-11e2-9389-001b2166c62d



Gucci 'Noort' Plain Toe Oxford: This appeals to me because the whole shoe is just simple, but around the laces it has some unique detail. I could really see myself getting some good use out of these, and they have a sleek look that doesn't ask for attention.



AE 'Strand' Oxford: I saw a blog post about good shoes for grey suits and these were pictured. I also was looking at them in person last week, but the amount of holes in them seemed to make me wonder if it was just too much. I like the look, and the detail, but not sure if these are really acceptable.


Gucci Leather Brogue Lace-up Shoes: These are a lot like the AE pair above, but they have less ornate detail and a darker color. The price is a lot better on the ones above, but if I were going for a pair of oxfords with holes these look nice, but I'm just not sure about shoes like this with a grey suit.



Final pair I will toss out for consideration, just if I do go with a black shoe instead of brown/burgundy it will probably be this-


Gucci Leven Black Leather and Diamante Cap Toe Lace-Up: I know the traditional cap toe oxford is a winner any day of the week, but to me it is just not exciting and I am not looking for something that traditional. If I do go with a cap-toe black loafer I really like this pair because it has some extra detail around the laces like the Noorts (2nd link provided), and for a black shoe it seems to be interesting but understated enough that it has a lot of appeal (to me).




So, I am hoping someone out there can provide some constructive thoughts. I've definitely made a lot of progress since my first post. I'm no longer wearing bit loafers with the suit, and I called my tailor and they are sewing in the buttons for suspenders. I'd like to know what out of the shoes listed above works, and if it doesn't why not. However, I know everyone has busy lives so if you don't have time to provide the "why" then that's okay, I'm still interested in knowing the "what".



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Some of the shoes you posted above are in fact "derbies," which have open lacing and are considered less formal than oxfords/balmorals, which have closed lacing. With a three-piece gray suit, which sounds quite formal, it will likely be best to go with actual oxfords. The "AE Strands" you posted, which are semi-brogues, are probably the best choice among the above. While it is a classic oxford shoe, the broguing on the shoe make it more "interesting."
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Who makes Gucci shoes?  For $700 you may be able to do better...

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Your initial instinct on the Strands is correct, I think. Broguing has a rustic background, and still has a more informal connotation. Also the color is lighter than what I would suggest. Even if you're not going to get black, I don't think you want a shoe that light. What shade of grey is your suit? What do you think of these?

Next level:
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How about a picture of the actual suit?
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Would gladly, but it's still at the tailor... it's like a standard grey 3-piece, like my boy Roger Sterling would wear...

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How about. Alfred Sargent for Herring Shoes.

Great fiddleback waist treatment.

Here is website:
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The darker the brown the better.

Black would be best, IMO.
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Originally Posted by Harrydog View Post

How about. Alfred Sargent for Herring Shoes.

Great fiddleback waist treatment.

Here is website:

Wow, those are really a good look. I have a gator watchstrap almost the same color. Right now these might be top of my list.


It is weird, the picture online of the AE strands looks light, but in person at Nordstrom they looked much darker, but it might have been a different shoe. 


Thanks guys, this all gets me a lot closer to the goal...

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Ended up going with a black shoe, AE Park Ave. Wanted to follow-through (close out the thread) for future searches.

Edit: was set on the ones above for a bit but my size was wait-listed several months. Decided to just make it easy on myself.
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