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Italian Bespoke


Napoli Su Misura, a small Italian bespoke house (located in Napoli, natch), has a devoted following on StyleForum. Providing reasonably priced bespoke from a house that’s willing, and able, to communicate with American customers, it’s really no surprise that lots of people love their clothes. Shoulder line notwithstanding. 


Edward Green


Edward Green, like John Lobb, Carmina and many other brands, makes extremely expensive and exceedingly beautiful shoes. This thread is a great introduction into the upper tiers of English shoemaking, and has some great shoe porn to boot. 


Black and White, Black and White


With the recent release of the atrocious Great Gatsby remake, spectator shoes are popping up at mall-level retailers all across the US. This is a thread that has actual, real spectators – from great brands, in fascinating combinations, with a smattering of vintage in between. Check it.