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Hi. I think this is the right place for this, but if someone wants to move it to the "Ask a Question" board, that's fine by me.


A bit over 5 years ago, I bought a pair of pants from Banana Republic. It was a 100% cotton chino, but not any of their current line (Kentfield, Gavin, Emerson, Dawson). They were incredibly soft, I believe sueded/sanded/peached. They weren't twill, but some other kind of weave. Maybe similar to the Kentfield weave, or a canvas or oxford weave, but not exactly those either. Not moleskin. They were tan/light brown. Unlined. Heavy, but not hot; stiffer than twill, but not at all too stiff. They hung wonderfully and felt great. Anyway, I wore these pants until they fell apart, pretty much literally. Like a fool, I threw them away, but now I'd at least like to figure out what the weave/fabric was so that at the least I could get a pair made.


So what I'm asking is, do any of you remember the pants I'm talking about? Do you remember what Banana Republic called them? Do you remember what kind of fabric they were made of? I've been on a quest for these pants, searching every store and pant outlet I can find in my town (Austin) and online with no luck. I've even gone to a few fabric stores looking for something similar, but have yet to have any luck (I think Joann's Fabrics is next on my list).