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I'm going to follow up on my post above, which I think you found helpful.

Focus on FIT. Sometimes, there's a correlation between brand and fit, but not always. Fit is more important to me than style or color or what you have on. Kids your age, and even adults, tend to instinctively wear stuff that is too baggy. Depending on what the item is, you'll need a great tailor....find one here, or use Google & Yelp.

I used to think I was a size S, so that's what I bought forever. The first time i tried on an XS shirt that actually fit me, I was bowled over. Wow, this is made for me! I was buying the wrong size. Sure, for some brands, XS is too small, but you learn which brands work for you, and in which ones you have to go a size up.

You want things to fit you trim & relatively slim (NOT skinny and tight). You'll have to take your time learning about what a good fit looks like, and the magazines I mention have a ot of examples...GQ has a before and after section almost every issue, see if you can catch them online.

But I mean, you can be wearing jeans and a tee and a jacket and look great. So don't look for complexity, especially for your age. You want youthful, well-fitting simplicity.

The other one that helps is layering. Learn how a thin v-neck, cardigan, gillet, or other pieces can help complete a look. Or a jean jacket underneath an overcoat or what have you. Learn how to use accessories - tie bar, scarf, cufflinks, things like that. Pay attention to your shoes, which most men don't.

At the same time, you don't want to become a fucking dandy. At least, I hate these prancing peacocks - and we probably have some on this forum - who put SO much effort into their wardrobe that it's clearly pathological. A lot of these guys show up on the 'street style' photoshoots in magazines and online, with tons of accessories - bracelets, hats, 4 layers when three would have worked, everything rolled and tucked together just-so. It looks fey and ridiculous and smacks of trying too hard. Don't be one of those guys.

In other words, be patient when learning and take it easy so you can slowly develop your style over time...
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don't do anything Rangoe suggested.
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Just dress young. Be wild. You will only be young once.


Youth is meant for experimenting. If you spend your youth conforming to norms, you will regret it in your old age.

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Lurking is your friend. If you want to be educated by the forum then you will have much reading to do. Below are three ways to learn from the strange and seemingly superficial beast that is Styleforum:


But first to put your goals in perspective read these threads:




If you learn the art of fit and nothing else you will have profited greatly. Clothing ought to fit. How it ought to fit depends upon the silhouette you want to achieve and that in turn will depend upon what social setting you will be wearing your clothes in and how you want to be perceived within that setting. This is complicated stuff and takes time to learn. Luckily virtually every thread on this forum will talk about fit in passing. Pay close attention. The best threads to learn about fit are threads where people post "fit pics" of themselves wearing clothes for others to scrutinize at a level of detail unthinkable outside the forum:


It might be better to read these threads starting from the end. But don't make this a habit, it is often best to read threads whole or to digest enough of them to understand their general character. To read  threads right don't just scroll through and look at the pictures, giving them thumbs up like you might on your facebook. Slow down an read the posts. Spend extra time looking at the pictures, taking in the details, and asking your self questions like "Why does this work?", "Why doesn't this work?". You might notice that both of the threads I linked are very different from each other. You may hate one and love the other. I encourage you to try to learn from both. You may never dress like guys like Brad-t or InStitches but you can learn from both. Also if you decide to post in these threads you will get criticism, sometimes mockery. There is no way around it, these are the dues to be payed. Pay them. 



You want to dress like a man. O.K. That means you will probably spend more time in the Classic Menswear side of the forum, during you time there you will come into contact with a strange and elusive entity known as "The Rules". Begin by learning "The Rules" of classic men's dress and why they have become rules. There are no stone tablets where you may find them, however the beginning of this thread is a great place to start (read at least the first 30 pages):

Here you will run into posters like Manton, DocHoliday, and Foo who are respected forum elders that have earned their voice of authority. There are many more. Learn who they are and while you may disagree with them, keep yourself from dismissing their opinions out of hand. However take what they say with a grain of salt (Particularly Manton, he intentionally communicates his opinion as if it were established fact).


Most importantly take "The Rules" with a grain of salt. Your task is not to agree or disagree with the rules, but to be able to say "that follows the rules" and "that does not". Once you have become saturated in them you may either choose to keep them or to break them. In each case the time you spent learning them will help you to keep them without becoming their slave or break them in name without transgressing the spirit of the wisdom. 



If they sell clothes then they have a thread on Styleforvm. You see once you start learning more about how you want to dress, what fits you, and what your budget is for clothes you'll likely find that the local shopping really isn't that great. As a result most of your shopping will move online. Shopping for clothes online is difficult at times because you can't see or feel the fabric in person nor can you try on the wares you're interested in. Threads about brands are helpful for discerning quality and fit before making a decision on whether or not to purchase something. They can also help you understand what a brand's key products are especially when most brands sells just about everything. For example forum affiliate Epaulet makes a great chino. But I don't know if anyone around here buys their ties. Brand threads are also useful for learning about shoes, which you will learn are more important and complicated then you thought they were. Here are a few that I like:



Other sources the internet can provide are blogs. Lots of blogs are crap. There is a thread devoted to ridiculing them and those who make them: 


That being said, there are quite a few good blogs out there. Try these: (You will realize that everything he talks about is too expensive for you. Ignore this and read his stuff anyways)


Happy reading.

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