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Asked about Civilianaire. Sold jeans for along time from the best makers and creators of the product in the US and Europe.This is a very honest product. Domestic made always costs more because in our country we pay people wages they can live on and this product proves the US knows how to make a great denim product..

The denim is real and heavier weight than the the current tech made to replicate looks of a bye gone era. Although the core of the range is raw or rinse, slip into one of their fits and you won't take them off. They feel comfortable as opposed to other stiff denim needing an adjustment period to break in the fabric.

I have been wearing a couple of pair, washing them too, for about two years and they are aging the way jeans did in the 60's. Don't wash them and just energize them with a damp tumble in the dryer with you other jeans after washing and they come out the way you put them in, dark and sweet.

Buy'em, don't buy'em., but do not concern your self on price or quality. The "boys" behind his brand make what they wear with no concern for anything else. And if you choose, try one of the best henleys I have ever worn.

PS. Shirts are damn good too.


An old Coyote