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Loro piana suits?

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Hi all; a long time lurker here. I've recently come across a Loro Piana Soprani Collection suit that seems to be a pretty decent buy [<$300.] I'm very familar w/ their fabric line as I've had a few trousers made in the past but does anyone have any experience w/ this particular brand of suit? Thanks in advance
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I can't answer directly, because I'm not familiar with Loro Piana inhouse suits. Does LP really make their own? I've always seen LP as a fabric maker, so you can by Hickey-Freeman and Brooks Brothers, etc. suits that have the LP label. I bought one on EBay about a year ago that is a beautiful suit. It was such a good price ($125 or so), I bought it a little on faith -- the store label had been removed, so only the Loro Piana Tasmanian 120's label was left. It's a great suit. Is Soprani collection the name of a line of their cloth? Or the suit line? Anyway, LP makes great fabric, but WHO sews together the suit is another story.
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Not an expert on Loro Piana stuff, but they do have a line of suits that they sell under their own label (not sure if they mfr or not) that seem to be of very high quality.  I tried on a few sportcoats in the NYC store on Madison during last year's sales.  Those were my 'pre-board' days, so I can't speak to the construction, other than to say that they seemed quite well made and were priced to match (though that is, to say the least, not always an indicator of quality...).
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I've seen Loro Piana's that have been all over the map. Some are actually made by Martin Greenfield -- they sell those under the LP name at Neiman Marcus, for example. Beautiful suit, though it has an Armani silouhette (VERY wide shoulders) that I'm not a fan of. I've also seen Loro Pianas that were mid-quality at best -- fused all the way around (not even canvas lapels). So, I just don't think you can try to guess at the quality of what you'll get unless (1) you see it in person, or (2) you have a reputable Ebay seller telling you the truth. The higher end Loro Pianas that have full canvas seemed to me very beautiful suits -- actually very good for the price point.
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Not sure if LP makes their own suits but I don't *think* they do. I believe the Soprani Collection is the style of suit and the seller lists the following features: *Hand-stitched lapels and pocket trims *Double pleated pants fully lined with 100% Rayon lining Lined to the knee *Notch lapels with a button hole on left lapel Vertical off the seam side pockets *Fully lined left chest welt pocket Two button-closed back pockets *Two fully lined front hip flap pockets *Four inside welt pockets (pen and cell phone) Extended button closure   *Sartorial cut; Soft, lightly padded shoulder *Fabric: 90% Virgin Wool;10% Silk; 100% Rayon Lining *Lightweight Virgin Wool/Silk cloth *Durable "floating" (stitched) canvas construction *Made in Italy I'm tempted to buy this item as the deal sounds too good to pass up.
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DO NOT buy from this guy. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT.................... DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT............ Loro Piana does produce their own suits in limited quantities, mainly it seems for stores such as Neiman Marcus. But this joker IS NOT to be trusted. He is passing off fabric as a suit. The "construction" details he notes are categorically misleadings. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT BID ON HIS STUFF..........
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Wow. Thanks for the advice. I'll pass on this one.
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Not sure if this is the same guy, but a while ago I bought a suit that was advertised as 'Loro Piana' from a German-based Ebay seller. He did take it back in the end, but I was out the shipping for what turned out to be a POS fabric AND construction suit. Definitely stay away from LP on Ebay unless you are sure the seller is legit.
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I have seen some Loro Piana suits (their own) in Italy, but they are MTM, and definitely not at the price range that have been mentioned. There are also LP pants, shirts, etc.
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