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Buyer beware: Sartorio

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I just received two Sartorio sport coats from Yoox that looked like very nice summer jackets. They're not. For one thing, they are laughably short -- I know Sartorio make a short coat, but these two barely cover the top of my back pockets. The sleeves don't go much beyond the middle of my forearm; I'd give them 24 inches at most. Neither jacket is marked as an S (or C).


But never mind the awful fit: both jackets are fused. And neither shows a lick of handwork on lapels or seams, except on the small patches of lining protecting the vent openings. Plastic buttons to boot, and no sign of the Neapolitan crow's foot stitch.


Just awful. Way to dilute a brand. (Yeah, I realize I was buying them as a bargain on Yoox. But still. What I got wasn't worth what I paid for them, and certainly wouldn't have been worth the original asking price.)

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Any links or pics?
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I have also had similar disappointing experiences with Sartorio.  One was a linen/silk sport coat that was either fused or half-canvassed (I cannot differentiate) and was a true 3-button coat (not a 3-roll-2).  Another was a 50% wool 50% linen suit yet was very heavy and the coat was fully lined.  I have pure wool suits that are much more appropriate for summer.  The coat of suit was fully canvassed for what it's worth. Both went back to yoox. 

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Yuck.  I adore Sartorio (my Sartorio suit is my favourite suit, and my Sartorio sports jacket is my favourite sports jacket) but I must admit the stuff I saw on Yoox didn't look the same calibre at all and I didn't buy anything through them.  I wonder what the story is there?

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Same here -- I have a suit from the Attolini days which is great (though it, too, has machine-made buttonholes) and not from Yoox, as well as a Kiton-era sports jacket and a winter coat, both of which are largely handmade, among my favourites, and were bought through Yoox. The pictures look like crap half the time on that website....

The fusing is what really shocked me. Some makers are known to finish garments to a lower standard for Yoox sales (the Castangia buttonholes, usually handcrafted works of art, are apparently machine-made on the suits for sale online. But these coats really didn't look or feel like garments made in the Kiton factory -- they compared very unfavorably to the (disappointing) stuff I saw at the Cantarelli factory store in Arezzo a while ago!
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Of course I will. That won't stop me complaining about the decline and fall of Sartorio, though!

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