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Help with outfit - jacket

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I'm going to go to a wedding party in a couple of months time (not the actual wedding itself). The dress code is 'casual is ok'. But, with this in mind, people will probably be wearing fairly dressy clothing, seeing as it's a wedding party. I want to go for something that is a little smarter than my usual style, and currently I don't really have anything that dressy.


The look that I have in mind is similar to the first photo. I have bought the same trousers as those pictured (slowear), and I already have a pair of brown Grenson 'Fred textured' leather shoes (with black rubber soles, last picture). I have also bought a blue floral print Paul Smith shirt, and a navy blazer.


Now, for the blazer- I've bought an MMM blazer, as it was on sale and the last one at that, but, it's not that same slim fit style, and it has no pocket-square pocket.


This will be the first real blazer purchase I've made, and I think I'd wear it more for formal and dressy occasions, rather than try to go for a more street look by wearing it with jeans and T-shirt etc, as that's not really my style, as I tend to favour different kinds of jackets for normal every day wear.


So, my question is, do you think this blazer is a good choice? I'm thinking that it will look a little less fancy, more classic, and with the floral shirt instead of the plain one pictured, and without a pocket square, it should (in my mind) cut a nice stylish and elegant sillouette. Simple and classic, but slightly stylish. Not boring, the shoes are a little bit fancy, the trousers nicely fitted, and shirt being interesting. So the blazer (I hope) will just frame everything nicely, rather than being all slim fit and modern.


My build is average/tallish, average/slender frame.


Please offer me your thoughts...


So here's the kind of similar look that I'm going for:




Then the Margiela blazer I bought, which is more classic fit:









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First of all I would replace the that shirt with a white or blue shirt. I would never purchase an SC that doesn't have a PS pocket but you are just going to have to work with it. If you could I would return it and get you a better SC do it. What is your budget on an SC? Replace the khaki's with light grey trousers.Navy SC with khaki pants makes it look like your catholic school uniform. Get yourself a tie? There are many tie colors you can choose from just google image "Navy sportscoat with tie" and plenty of pictures will come up.
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Thank you for your reply. I will consider these options. At the moment, I don't own any ties and want to go for something that is quite casual but also smart and classic, hence the floral shirt, but also a bit modern with the MMM brand and shoes etc. I'm not sure about the Catholic school uniform. I googled this, and what came up was girls with red cheque skirts, so I may have missed the point on this one, but with that said I don't want to look stupid! My budget, well I spent £400 on the blazer which was half price. I wouldnt' want to spend any more than that now, and would hope to get something still on sale as that way I'd be getting a bargain and something that'll last a long time.

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Catholic schoolboys in the US wear khakis and blue shirts a lot.

Those shoes are kinda atrocious, they cheap? If not, there are better options while retaining that rustic kind of feel.

I think the floral shirt would be a mistake here. Take a cue from the model, white shirt maybe, or a stripe.
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Thanks for the feedback. I should have perhaps mentioned this before, but I'm English, and currently living in Japan. Clashing with US catholic school children is possibly the least of my concerns. The shoes are Grenson, cost around £240, quite decent make I believe, well respected in the UK, although perhaps not as classy or expensive as some other makes.


Ivyshaw, you think the shirt might be a bad choice? do you have something else in mind? I'm open to suggestions, and can send it back and get something different if it's no good. The blazer is a l ittle more tricky, as I'm having it shipped from the UK to Japan, and the whole operation is a little risky (I may miss the time aloud for returning). I've got my doubts, but now actually I'm coming back round to the idea.

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