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yup sandow's amazing... to bad he got stuck in that stupid scholar gimmick and now he's being pushed further down the comic relief path, where santino marella lives.

What really annoyed me about Sandow was how they used him after he won MITB about two years ago (or maybe it was only a year ago). He basically pissed away the title shot. I think it was because the backstage staff realized after he'd won that they'd rushed him along too fast and he wasn't ready to win the belt.
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Say what you will about Santino but damn if he doesn't make me chuckle internally at least once when they actually put him on.

I do laugh when he says stuff like "John Cheena".
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How the hell is it fair that Roman Reigns gets to wear that vest when he wrestles. It reminds me of when Cowboy Bob Orton used to wear that cast, even though his arm was obviously not broken. He used it to unfair advantage.
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Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta
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my buddy keeps wrestling indies and doing dark matches for wwe. i think he may have missed his shot but i have a ton of respect for him, works as an accountant, helps take care of his mom, drives hours to indie shows and has 3 kids at home to deal with. trains as hard as anyone I have ever seen.
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^ welcome back kunk.

yeah, I'm probably talking from my ass but from all those stories about wrestlers starting out, trying to make a name in the indy scene, performing in some high school gym for a few dollars- that's a shitty way to do what you love and I have a ton of respect for them.
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