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Professional Wrestling

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I figure I'm setting myself for ridicule, but I don't particularly care.

Have you ever followed it? How old were you, what time period, what organization/federation/etc.? What possessed you to stop if you did.. growing up, no longer entertained, blah blah.

A part of the WWE's (I dislike the WWE) ad campaign is attempting to get away from the stereotype of wrestling fan = redneck. I can actually appreciate this since most of the serious fans that I know are the same ones that'd be into weird subcultures or anime and whatnot. Needless to say, it has me intrigued.

I'll start.. great-Granddad started me off when I was about 7, watching the WWF. I did that until about 12; subsequently, I took a short break. Started up again at about 14, then started watching ECW, puroresu/Japanese deathmatches, and now I'm into Ring of Honor and at times, TNA. I watch WWE perhaps once every couple of months. I'm 26, for reference.

(This is not a thread to drone on about wrestling being fake, etc. Thanks.)
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You like them, the men in speedos. FWIW, from about twelve to fourteen I liked wrestling.
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I loved wrestling all through late elementary and middle school. I was a WWF/E fanatic...I followed it really closely until they decided to take the whole soap opera thing over the top and split RAW and Smackdown into two different entities. It weirded me out so I stopped watching.

I'll tune in every couple months just to see who's getting their ass kicked.
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I loved wrestling growing up (mid-late eighties through early to mid ninetees) : Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Million dollar man, honky tonk man etc.

In middle school when I moved back to the U.S. I got into the WCW, NWO thing and stopped watching WWF/WWE wrestling. Those were wild times with bad ass sting and Hollywood hogan running sh*t. I remember kids in my school (eigth grade) having WCW vs NWO play brawls in class and hallways. NWO kids yelling "suck it!" and doing the x sign with their arms around the groin area. And WCW kids doing the diamond dallas page signal.

WWE today is an absolute joke. I let my friends order pay per view 3 or 4 years ago in my house in college. but I dont follow it at all. I dont mind Stacy Kiebler though.

Apparently though, WWE is still making tons of money and wins the 18-34 (15-34?) age bracket for their timeslots (maybe #2 to UFC now?). So more power to them i guess. Btw I was saddened to learn my aunt went out to watch The Marine on opening week and loved it. She wants the DVD now
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i just dont get wrestling. Dont see the appeal, just pure dont get it.
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Two things:

- I was deeply into pro wrestling from an early age, and got way into mid/late-'90s stuff. My interest peaked with Michinoku Pro/Toryumon stuff. Haven't followed it much in the years since.

- I vehemently disagree with kronik re: the distancing of wrestling from redneckdom -- wrestling is an artform that should most appeal to hopeless pharmacy cashiers, retarded children, and the vocational school set. Nerds ruin it. The shame is part of the enjoyment.
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Originally Posted by kronik View Post
I figure I'm setting myself for ridicule.)

As if this was the first time.

Have you ever followed it?

No, I've been of average intelligence from an early age so I was never in the wrestling demographic.

since most of the serious fans that I know
There are so many disturbing things about this sentence.

I'm 26, for reference
IQ ?

By the way, Jimmy Supafly Snuka rules!!
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I have always, and will always, hate you ed.
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My triumverate: Dick 'the Bulldog' Brower, George 'the Animal' Steel, Bruno Samartino ....

And then I turned 9
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i dont like professional wrestling.

but i was always intrigued by "The MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DIBIASIE"

he was the thinking man's wrestler.
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I'll show my age: Vern Gagne, Mad Dog Vachon, George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski. One of the wildest nights of partying in my life was in Winnipeg with Larry "The Axe" Henning, Andre the Giant and a bunch of other All-Star Wrestlers! Insane!
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Originally Posted by Dakota rube View Post
I'll show my age:

Vern Gagne, Mad Dog Vachon, George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski.

One of the wildest nights of partying in my life was in Winnipeg with Larry "The Axe" Henning, Andre the Giant and a bunch of other All-Star Wrestlers! Insane!

Details please.

Here is a must-watch Ted DiBiase vignette for diorshoe and everyone else:

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I don't understand the concept of half-naked men acting out rehearsed violent situations and people cheering them on. I mean, you can see that in Connemera's secret tapes.
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I enjoyed it in the era between when my family got a TV (ca. 1951/2) and when I went away to prep school in September of 1956. Never took it seriously, just enjoyed the theatrics of it all. It was just good, hokey, kickback fun. I usually rooted for the villains. They were much more colorful and interesting than the babyfaces.

If my stepson had liked pro wrestling, I would have watched it with him in more recent years, but he has always loathed it.

Women wrestlers today are incomparably better looking than back in my era when Mildred Burke was queen. Women's wrestling was illegal in California in my day. Today's women wrestlers would certainly have had a potent effect on my pubescent libido!
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They had TV's in the 50's????
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