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Buying chinos + chino shorts

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Hi guys, I need to pick up two pairs of chinos and two pairs of chino shorts. I am thinking of navy and stone, but I welcome ideas. I am thinking of buying them from Brooks Brothers - is this a good or bad idea? Is it worth it doing Lands' End Custom? Are there any other MTM chinos and chino shorts? Thanks.
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I like Lands End, although I think the application of the term "Custom" to the service they offer is perhaps a bit grandiose. That said, Brooks Brothers makes about as good a pair of casual chinos or chino shorts as anybody else at the area mall. Actually, I rather like their plain front chino shorts that are out right now. If you are looking for standard weight plain front pants, or pleated shorts, try Orvis . . . I noticed some stuff on the table there the other day that looked pretty decent.
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BB chino shorts are on sale - 2 for $59 so I might grab two. The problem with chinos is that they are often too baggy for my taste. Someone was asking for slim-fit chinos a few months ago on this forum. I feel the same way. Any opinion on Banana Republic chinos - in 4 different cuts? I am also deciding between getting a pair of boat shoes - worn sockless - and a pair of sandals. Which would be more versatile? Are boat shoes very much a spring/summer item?
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Haven't tried the "custom" Land's End stuff, but I have a pair of their Chino jeans. I like the material, and it's not too baggy.
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I own several pairs of chinos from Banana Republic and based on the style you get, you can get a nice pair of slim fit chinos for a very reasonable price. I have a pair that fit fairly tight in the thigh, not too tight, and are lose enough at the bottom to wear with a pair of Chelsea boots. I have had this particular pair for at least 3 years and there is some sign of fraying at the pockets and hem but they have been treated fairly roughly. I'd say go to BR and at least try on a pair. Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes but I have a few drinks
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