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Ebay find

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Check this one out. Brioni No offense to anyone who was planning on bidding, but wow.
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Wowee. That is one noticeable (from a good ½ mile away) jacket. But, to each his own, plus at around $350, not bad for a Brioni. Jon.
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if that was a lot cheaper i'd buy it just for something crazy to wear, but not at 350 and it's not my size
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I wonder if many of us check out the link that the seller will get excited by the number of hits.
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Whew.. I thought for SURE that would link to one of the Brioni sportcoats like the one I just bought. I'm experiencing buyer's remorse, and am trying to return to the seller (minus a penalty for me, or hopefully he will agree to give me a credit towards my next purchase).
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for those who value understated subtlety... If the chest really is 46", then it's no 46.
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I must confess. I signed with an agent and bought that suit with the guarantee that I would be a first round lottery pick in last Thursday's draft. Much to my surprise, no one was interested in a 5'8" Asian with a mediocre jump shot. Thus, I'm now forced to sell my beloved Brioni suit.
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