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Okay, these run large. I was scared at first when seeing how small my lows looked compared to my Nikes, but then I put them on and the fit. They are highly cushioned and very sleek.
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Originally Posted by TheObserver View Post

I never apply conditioner. IMO leather sneakers look best when they become worn in. They are not dress shoes. 

You don't find that just leaving them to their own devices creates more cracking though? I live in central NY where there's a lot of snow and moisture and salt in the winter. I'm just wondering if the salt will just deteriorate them quicker. 

I mean, I agree they look better worn in, but there's a difference between "worn-in" and "trashed".


For those that use conditioner, can I ask what kind/brand?

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Lexol works fine
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I wouldn't wear CP's with salt and snow. that's what boots are for
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Originally Posted by London View Post

I wouldn't wear CP's with salt and snow. that's what boots are for




Sneakers are meant to be worn and then disposed of. They're not like boots where you can resole them.

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not when you're paying $300 and up. I live in NYC and when it's nasty outside, the CP's aren't worn
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What if you only paid $190? ha.


I know what you're saying though, if the weather is truly shitty I will just wear some beaters, but even when you think everything's fine you might get stuck out in snow and find yourself somewhere that hasn't been plowed/shovelled. I'm not the type of person who is just gonna throw a pair in the back of the closet for 6 months, I still want to wear them, so if there are steps that can be taken to slow down deterioration then I will take those steps.

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Well then! A shoe cleaning kit may be of assistance to you.

Just buy a cleaner, brush, some cloth, conditioner and maybe one of those "invisible guards" (resistant to water and stains).
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second lexol stuff is perfect for northwest weather.
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Originally Posted by RK10 View Post

I'm looking to buy the low achilles CP and I am, as most other buying CP for the first time, seriously in doubt about the size. 
The sneakers I have that are fitting the best are both US 7.5, while I have a pair of CDG x Converse in a size 39 and they are a bit snug. 
But wouldn't a 39 in CP be the best for me? I believe I have normal to narrow feet width. 



CP run slightly big, so a 39 should be perfect for you.

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Thinking of getting the waxed canvas tournament highs that are on sale at the moment, but I can't decide between a 39 or 40. I wear an 8.5 in most Nikes (Flyknits & Roshes) and 40 in Zara shoes. Any advice?


Also, should I just save my money for leather CPs instead?

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I would get a 40 if your feet aren't too wide

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I think a 40 would be perfect for you. 
I forgot to respond to the guy that recommended me a 39 but I followed his advice and they turned out perfect; both size-wise and the shoe in general - my favorite shoe by far. :) 
I wear a 7.5 US in my Nike Jordan and 7.5 US as well in a pair of Adidas, so I agree with nomalas, I think a 40 would be good.

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Wonder if anyone owns a pair from the Robert Geller collab...? I'm thinking of getting these but would like a heads-up on the fit/make/quality i.e. would I be right to assume that Geller provides the design and CP does the leather/stitching..etc?

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Last season fit the same as usual CP's. I assume it would be the same this season.

They are standard CP silhouette/design, As far as I know just the materials/colours are different (chosen by Geller).

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