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is there anywhere where we can view AW16?
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how long do cp's crepe soles last assuming regular wear?
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Originally Posted by masshi View Post

how long do cp's crepe soles last assuming regular wear?

The suede will look worn and beat long before the crepe sole wears away.

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Originally Posted by mykoh View Post

hey guys need a little bit of advice


i bought the BBall Low in Blue off ssense and noticed there were several defects on the left shoe.



The rubber along the midsole seems to have been torn off in those parts. I contacted customer service and they offered a 10% refund.

Should i take it or return it? Total price comes up to 240 shipped after the refund which is a very good price, but for a damaged item i'm not so sure..

Is anyone really going to notice such a small defect on the bottom of the shoe?  

Will you find the same shoes for a similar price?  

Can you push for a 20% refund?

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Do CPs get more comfortable over time? Just got my first pair, some white mid highs, and was wondering if they just need to be broken in. Not hugely uncomfortable, but would be nice to know. 

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Originally Posted by Andolin View Post

Do CPs get more comfortable over time? Just got my first pair, some white mid highs, and was wondering if they just need to be broken in. Not hugely uncomfortable, but would be nice to know. 

same boat, archilles low. I've found they start to soften up after a few wears, but not yet that comfortable, they feel firm but I expect they will get better with wear.
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this is the code for off white? is that correct?

the ones on Oki-Ni the heel and the panels appear to be different shades of white. is there an off-white pair where the colour is consistent across the leather?
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Originally Posted by Andolin View Post

Do CPs get more comfortable over time? Just got my first pair, some white mid highs, and was wondering if they just need to be broken in. Not hugely uncomfortable, but would be nice to know. 

I personally made the mistake of going with the size that fits a bit snug and waiting to get comfortable as well as fit properly – like the other post mentioned, it takes months of constant use and walking to break it in, and ultimately still never felt great. I then purchased the next size up which Felt great, the structure of the leather didn't change much, especially compared to photos I've seen of worn in shoes with tons of creasing. The sized up have maintained their look and new feel a lot better, and also allow the shoe to be tied without the laces too tight therefore there's not much pull on the leather and ultimately increased creasing. Also keep in mind the shoes are completely full leather and do not breathe therefore your feet will swell up from increased blood flow and therefore grow a bit in size especially when walking for over 45 minutes or so. I learned as a runner – we go half-size up in shoes. I found that even a half size larger is always better than the slightest bit snug, especially with leather shoes.
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I read many recomendations to size down on the Achilles and although suspect that advice is probably true with the B-Balls I find it hard to believe anyone would size down in Achilles. Maybe some of the earlier shoes fitted differently? IMO the current model fits TTS.
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@ike_hiking_boots thereve been a couple different off white shades over the years. End used to have 4 at the same time. 3001 and 3154 are also off-white/cream/whatever you want to call it.

I've found sizing to be consistently TTS since i got my first pair FW09 bball highs. I got a size 41 (sized down 1) and they're too tight (they're all silver...pm me if you're interested)...worn maybe 6 times since then. I have achilles from SS10, FW12, SS13, SS15 and they all fit TTS 42. Only small difference is the premiums fit slightly tighter so I just wear thinner socks with them, and highs fit slightly looser. I recently picked up a pair of bballs in 41 again and they are definitely a whole size too small again (check my sig). The only model I've had to size differently is the derby shine where I went up to a 43 cuz the 42 toes were just too narrow, and I have normal width feet. Never understood the whole "size down for CP". 1/2 a size large is ALWAYS better than 1/2 a size small.

There are very few brands I fanboy and CP is one of them but it makes me really sad to see the quality deteriorate over the last few years. Cant speak much about the suedes (I only have 2 older season ones) but the smooth leathers on regular achilles & bball models are getting thinner and less supple. For example, 2010 grey achilles mids look just as good as my 2015 white achilles low, despite being worn 10x more, abused harder, and fully cleaned only twice. They were also more comfortable out of the box and actually have less cracking around the ankle collar. Similarly, my 09 bballs feel soft and buttery compared to the stiff papery leather on the SS15 pair. Current CP MSRPs are a pretty bad deal for leather quality tbh. I just keep coming back for the silhouettes :/
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Damn this sucks to hear. I have several pairs of older cps some new in box and haven't purchased anything in the past few years.

Makes me not want the new bballs but they did fix the oddball toe box stitching that plagued the model in its early years.
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Just my two cents -


Respectfully - I would be careful with any recommendation that suggests sizing up on CPs.  I certainly think everyone is entitled to their opinion - but the general consensus on CPs is that one needs to SIZE DOWN.  If it were me, going in blind, I would absolutely size down.


I think the moral of the story is, as it always is, trying on what you are going to buy.  I know this is difficult for most of you that don't have a CP retailer near by.  I'm lucky enough to be in NYC where I can find pairs to try on (although - I never technically found a 39.... I just knew 40 was too big).  For many... a $400 investment in sneakers is a big deal.  I get it.  But you will find that most here on this forum will suggest sizing down on the CPs.  This is likely due to their Italian sizing.


Couple of other notes:  I provided a link a ways back where it mentioned how CP changed the type of leather they used... about 4 years ago.  I do not have any pairs that old... so I cannot comment with my experience.  But - certainly - if you are noticing a difference in quality... it is warranted.


Lastly - I think I would experiment with relacing the shoes before making an opinion on the comfort level... especially if you are having width issues.  Don't be afraid to completely unlace the shoes, put your foot in, and then lace up with your foot in the shoe.  I know this seems pretty "obvious," but I've run into many people that just don't think to do it! 

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Random question, I was reading on another forum about folks who were using a thin layer of clear or black Shoe Goo to extend the life of the heels on shoes (in lieu of plastic/metal heel savers). Has anyone tried this on sneakers? Is it a crazy idea? I don't collect CPs, I just have a pair of white and black for general wear and know that the heel will wear before the rest of the shoes goes.

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@Roygbivuxg I currently have Vintage White Archilles 1528. They are not really an off white, more of a warm white. I do like the coloured shoes but they can feel a little bit synthetic in person.

I did order a pair of B-Ball recently - I went for the same size as my Archilles (44 UK 10), they fit wider and measure at least 1cm longer, I can't say a 43 would of fitted better, but I can say the size 10 felt to loose and they went back. Now if you recommend sizing down on BBalls I would say that is probably good advice, altohugh I am yet to confirm this, but I would not recommend anyone sizes down in Archilles, I am a UK 9.5 which is a 43.5, sizing down means I go down just half a size, but absolutely no chance they fit me without murdering my feet. Archilles use very firm leather, not the sort of leather that will give and break in easily. I agree that the highs fit slightly looser, so much so that I sent mine back.

I can't comment on CP quality getting worse over the years but it does not surprise me, but I don't feel you get fair value at full retail - based on the the quality of the leather they should retail some where between £160 to £180, but that's never going to happen so they are a discount purchase for me.

@ursman in London I have only found CPs to try on in Dover Street Market, although the brand is hugely popular the main retailers are online here. I don't see why Italian sizing should have any effect over how you size the shoe, it really makes no difference. All that is important is do the shoes fit small. large or TTS. And here I can only agree with Roygbivuxg CPs Archilles FIT TTS (TRUE TO SIZE) - DO NOT SIZE DOWN unless you want to MURDER YOUR FEET.
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What's a good pricepoint to find CP Chelsea's or the Robert Geller x CP chelseas? I'm sure I can find them on a good sale somewhere?

I'm a 42 in Achilles & Mids, so I'll probably stick with that size for them.
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