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The Official Common Projects Thread

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Discussion of the fall collection of one of SF's more popular brands.


Models that caught my eye from End's current collection of F/W '13:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Sizing matrix for CP Achilles by computurd:




A slight caveat to the chart; I would change the right-most category to: "Normal/Wide Feet", leaving the left-most "Narrow."


Link to CP Olivier's PinInterest, with useful categories: FW '13; SS '13; FW '12


Particularly hoping the rarer models, stuff that not every stockist carries, is posted to this thread.

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Hoping for a re-release of navy winter premium
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Tan/brown leather achilles (not suede), bball hi's and/or lo's please!

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I really like those suede Achiles.  Don't know if I $350 like them though.  Still don't own any CP so I guess we'll see what they release.

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really like those camel Achilles

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The Corner has their F/W '13 stock up.


Liked these off the bat:




Thoughts: Have not yet witnessed the return of the Winter Premium thinner sole.  I hope we do see that, as I really liked that addition; it changes the profile of the Achilles to be quite a bit sleeker.


Wondering if the color of the "Burgundy" S/S derby is any different from the "Maroon" F/W one.

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Hope Tres Bien will get those vintage suede soon icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Really digging these Tournament Highs.

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Anyone know aside from Nomad who else carrying those black work boots with the side zip? Has a white heel tab
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Do the derbys fit like the achilles lows or larger/smaller?
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Not sure if this has been mentioned before but you can get Revolve to price match the prices on Tres Bien (non vat). So it's close to $100 off most styles plus free 2-day shipping.

It's not a sale price, but if you don't want to wait then at least you can cop them at a discount with quick shipping and not have to worry about customs.

With that said, I'd still prefer to buy from TBS but they didn't have my size and revolve did.

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Originally Posted by keunho View Post

Do the derbys fit like the achilles lows or larger/smaller?

Fit very slightly tighter because the leather does not have as much give as the sneakers. It's a comfort thing, so I don't think sizing up is a problem.
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Hey guys, can someone explain the difference between the achilles and vintage low? Difference in shapes, designs etc?

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Damn- just got the grey vintage suede in my regular 41 and they fit really tight. I guess because they're padded. Wondering if I should just order the 42 and try to sell these ones on SF... I've worn them for a couple days hoping they'd stretch.

I suppose once the soul compresses and suede stretches the toe box might feel roomier...
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