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Tricker's Iris Cordovan Eaton Modification by Shoehealer, Doncaster, UK.

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I have chosen to start another thread for this topic as it really doesn't belong in the MTO Group Buy section where I initially mentioned it.


I bought my Iris Cordovan Eaton Boots from Richard at Shoehealer as I am fortunate enough to live very close in the same town.


I like boots that are slightly different to the norm & these fitted the bill, although as they had already been specced by Shohealer, they had a Commando sole fitted which, in my opinion spoiled the smart look of these stunning boots.


I know it is a hard wearing sole & is the choice favoured by many but it looked far to industrial for what I consider to be a very smart boot.


I wore them with the Commando for a few weeks & learned a lot about Cordovan, apart from the fact that it came from a horse which is all I really knew when I bought them, before deciding I would definitely go for the sole change so off to Shoehealer I went.


They have been deconstructed with all the welt stitching obviously being removed before a Joh. Rendenbach double leather sole was fitted with new stitching in the original off white colour & a new leather heel stack & heel was affixed before the sole was trimmed & polished with a hard wax...........and then polished again as I really like the look of a highly polished leather sole edge.


Rob did all the work & made a great job.I did go back the following week for the extra polishing & to say thanks to Rob & the guys for bearing with me & giving me exactly what I had in mind I arrived bearing boxes of cream cakes which seemed to bring smiles to faces!!


The guys photographed each stage & have emailed me the images so if anyone is interested in looking I will share them with you here.


I guess it isn't a popular conversion for some people as the Commando is a popular sole & athough the boots were handmade by Tricker's they 










now have been modified by Shoehealer but it is a great job. The welt stitching has used each & every one of the original holes, the original natural Barbour welt has been retained & I have a pair of boots that I love.


See what you think......


I have removed the white laces that they fitted for the photographs & have tan ones in which I think make a nice contrast.



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I thought that had gone too well. I missed a photo off & it's the one that shows the initial destruction when the heel stack is ripped off. Ouch!

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For anyone not bored by now, here is a photo of them with tan laces in.


I have also added coat after coat of neutral wax polish to the sole edge which is really building up the shine.

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Very nice.

BTW, there's a dedicated Tricker's thread besides the MTO one.
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I haven't really found my way around on here just yet but that might have been a better place for me to share my photos.


I keep looking at the MTO group buy threads but haven't decided on anything just yet.


A pair of Magano Brown Tricker's Stow boots in my size will be arriving at Shoehealer in September so will have a look at those before committing to buy them as cordovan may well be a bit too easily marked for my liking.


On the photo with the tan laces you can clearly see small welts that appeared on the first wearing & I am fighting to remove. I've used spoons wrapped in microfibre cloths, have bought a deer bone & brushed them for hours on end all to no avail.


They do look great though so I will keep at it.



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tbh, i find it much improved. you're right, the commando soles don't exactly match the boot.
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Much better than the commando sole but the heel looks a little odd especially in your own photograph.
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I agree there is a multitude of shades of leather in the heel stack but it looks a lot more subtle in the flesh & loads better than the commando.
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