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C&J Chertsey (Last 224) fit issue

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Hello all,


I just purchased a pair of Chertseys over the counter and am having serious doubts about the fit around the toes.  I'm told that the suede stretches a significant amount and that room will come available soon, but I don't know if I have the strength to persevere until then.


I would take them back, but the store is in London and I am now back home is Australia, they have been worn outside, and the next half-size up was obviously too loose on my smaller foot.


Can any of you tell me what, if anything, can be done to help speed up the breaking-in process?


This is the second time I've encountered this kind of problem with English shoes, the last time being with a pair of Loake Roux purchased earlier in the year over the counter once again.


FWIW, I'm a 9.5F in RM Williams, and was sized at 8.5E by Crocket & Jones (and also by the Loake retailer).


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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You could take it to a cobbler to stretch. I'm not sure it will necessarily work, as I'm not sure exactly where the tightness is or what the capabilities of stretching are. I've had success with stretching over the vamp.
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Suede is quite easy to stretch. Just wetting with water (not dripping wet and not just damp, but evenly moist) and wearing them around the house will do in. Wear them until they are dry. Alternatively, there are many commercial preparations available to aid the stretching process, and any competent cobbler can stretch the toe box for you for a few dollars. Shoes should be snug, but not uncomfortably so, this goes double for suede. Suede will stretch quite a bit over time. I would also suggest that an E fitting seems to be a bit too narrow and an F is more appropriate. I am quite surprised that you were measured a whole size down and a width as well from the fit of your RM Williams.
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