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How do you all store leather jackets?

Poll Results: How should I store lambskins that I wear regularly?

  • 70% (12)
    Wide padded hangers, no garment bag
  • 0% (0)
    Wide padded hangers + garment bags (unzipped to let the leather breathe)
  • 5% (1)
    Flat in unzipped garment bags
  • 23% (4)
17 Total Votes  
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Have lurked here for some time.  First post.

Searched the forum for this topic and couldn't find anything 100% relevant, but i'm a noob, so please point me to any extant threads.  thanks.




I have somewhere between ten and fifteen high-quality leather jackets.  About half are lambskin; the others are a mélange of bovine, sheepskin, equine, kidskin, goatskin, you name it.


My question is, what's the best way to store them?

Right now I have them hanging on wide hangers, each one in a(n unzipped) fabric garment bag.  For the softer, lambskin ones, I have a hand towel wrapped around each arm of the hanger so that there's less chance of puckering in the shoulders.


The reason I ask is, I've noticed a very slight wrinkling in the shoulder area of one of the lambskin jackets.  It's nothing that's yet noticeable when I'm wearing the jacket, but I noticed the difference when I put it over a chair at a restaurant.

That's despite the padded hanger + towels, so I'm worried that hanging the jackets is going to cause more damage than I'd anticipated in the long term.


Any advice?

I'm most concerned with the lambskins; nothing's going to happen to the cow and horsehide ones.


Fwiw, I live in northern CA, where it's never too hot or too cold for leather, so this isn't for long-term storage; I'd like the jackets to be reasonably accessible.



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Thanks for the polling input.  For the people who chose "Other", I'd appreciate hearing exactly which "other" you had in mind.

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I've commissioned a number of mannequins made to my exact measurements and I store my jackets on them when I'm not wearing it.
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