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Japanese Menswear Magazine Scanlations

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Hello all! This is my first post to Styleforum!


I thought I would make some scanlations of the Japanese menswear articles that interest me most. 


In my translation, I tried to make the sentences as readable in English as possible, without omitting the direct Japanese meanings and nuances. 



I'll post a few of the images here on Styleforum, though the rest will be available on my personal blog:



When scrolling through, I recommend zooming out if you wisht to re-size to accommodate a smaller screen. 


If you have any questions about the translation, it would be my pleasure to answer them.


All The Best,

Christopher Berry





Men's Ex February 2013


Interview profiles on Italian and English Designer/CEO's:


Jeremy Hackett

Massimo Piombo

Orazio and Pino Luciano

Stefano Bigi



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Christopher san,

Excellent job!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
and congrats on your first post!

Will definitely keep an eye on your blog....
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Thanks for your contribution (and for taking the time).
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New post is up.


Shirt maintenance is the topic.


All The Best,

Christopher Berry

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Thanks! That means a lot to me!

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Thank you!


This has been my great pleasure. 

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Men's Ex February 2013 



"洒落" is now translated as "elegant" instead of "free and easy", in all cases except for once on page 125 (where it is I think appropriately translated as 'open-hearted' in relation to Mr. Bigi). 


In the original form of the first post I made, I translated "洒落" as "free and easy", which I thought was a clever and thought provoking alternative to just saying "elegant", namely because of the other Japanese magazine, "Free & Easy." 


So, it bothered me all week that international audiences might not understand what "free and easy" means to them. 


Therefore, since this is a truly international forum and blog, I felt it was doing a disservice to not put "elegant", instead.* Its a single word, instead of two, and it can be easily back-translated through bi-lingual dictionaries. 


Hope that helps. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!



All The Best,

Christopher Berry





*Though I still think "free and easy" for "洒落" is more thought provoking! 

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New Post:



Men's Ex 特別編集: 男の傑作品 メンテナンス大全集
Men's Ex Special Edition: Men's Masterpiece  The Ultimate Maintenance Manual

December 10th, 2009


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Great stuff

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Awesome! keep up the good work! fing02[1].gif
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NEW POST featuring Lino and some of the folks at A. Caraceni.


I want to extend my apologies for the hiatus. I've now devised a more efficient posting schedule for myself.


Also, it took me a long time to track down that back issue of Men's Ex which featured if anyone has articles that feature him, or anyone else of significant import in the Italo-Japanese Menswear Universe, I'd definitely give you a credit on the blog and in the thread if you sent a high-quality scan my way. If you feel you have something you could send me and want to work something else out, please send me a PM and I'll definitely try to accommodate your parameters. Either way, I (and I think the people in this community) would be most grateful.



In the meantime, time to keep tracking down the good stuff at Kinokuniya!!


All The Best My Friends,

Christopher Berry

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New Post:


The Portrait: Andrea Lardini




All The Best,


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I was just looking at Free&Easy with the Paraboot feature.... it's glorious

Possible for you to scan it? It's this one:

that blue shoes in front is Paraboot, inside they have a few pages on it... would be great to have the scans but it's up to you! biggrin.gif
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Send some high quality scans my way, and I'll happily oblige :)

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Good work! Keep it up.

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